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Significance of Guitar Amplifiers in Rock Music

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by epiclectic

Guitar amplifiers simply amplify the sound signal fed to it from the guitar and it in turn drives the guitar loudspeaker. Electric guitars are considered a very passive instrument. Main reason behind it is that they do not need any direct power supply. Very few of them are powered by an onboard battery. Actually it’s the vibration of strings which produces signal in coil. A guitar amplifier is basically called a combination amplifier, which consists of a speakers and amplifiers. Its cabinet consists of processors, knobs, dial, buttons, which control the volume set.

In case of the guitar player, an amplifier helps to play one role it only makes the guitar louder. It equalizes the signal and removes distortion or any other effects. The essential task of the guitar amplifier is to produce boosted sound volume with clarity. The increased amplitude of output wave leads to the proper functioning of guitar.

Everyone is fully aware of what the amplifiers do; it takes the guitar’s signal and makes it audible by boosting it to such amplitude which is enough to drive a speaker. There is some difference between amplifiers of electric guitar and that of stereo systems. The amplifier used in stereos, reproduce and amplify sound with minor distortion. Whereas with electric guitar amp, musicians need both distortion and also clean sound. What distortion means, it is produced whenever the signal is too powerful for that circuitry of amplifier. It is always there with the sound signal and electric guitars have the option to control this distortion.

The various types of guitar amplifiers available in the market are electric guitars, acoustic guitars bass guitars and many others. The guitar amplifiers is different from that of tube amplifiers.

If the sound that comes out of the amp and speaker is loud enough, it will automatically cause guitar’s strings to vibrate. It depends on whether the signal fed to the input of the guitar amp works or not otherwise the signal might be fed to the preamplifiers whose output is fed to the guitar amp. With the recent advancements in the technology adopted by musicians, the electric guitar still has a prominent place. It helps to inspire entirely new type of music. Since its invention in 20th century, electric guitar is considered the most prominent instrument in rock music. Rock band is really incomplete without it.

All the above information is just a brief introduction about guitar amplifiers, there is lot much to know about it in-depth.

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