Simon Pontin joins Inspired Art

Inspired Art are pleased to inform you that Simon Pontin has joined our team! An artist with an absolutely established strong track record and creating some great art to purchase online, Simon is a ideal addition to the team.

We are constantly found on the lookout for hot artists who might inspire you to purchase online art and in Simon we are certain you’ll love the standard of his work. It is our objective to provide our consumers the chance to purchase authentic art online, and from a reliable gallery, that is why we work fairly difficult to confirm you have the number one artists accessible to choose from.

A specialist artist and having been a pro musician as a bass player it is very well-defined that artistry and creation is in his heart. With collections in Greece, South Africa and Edinburgh the worldwide appeal of Simon’s work is obvious for all to find. Currently he has work on show at Inspired Art and in New York.

“My aim as an artist is to provide as much standard, experience based artworks as possible. I loosely adhere to the principles of Transpersonal Art. I believe that art is, in its archetypal shape, a signifies for Man to transcend the apparent and the bodily, manifesting the spiritual fact of himself. I believe that through the task of creating my work, and the contents and meditation employed, a transmutation of substance happens. This procedure is a spiritual journey, a task of cleansing and healing that despite that largely misunderstood by myself, leaves me with a sense of connection to the planet around me, along with a general feeling of health.”

Simon’s work is in significant demand and this might be partly right down to the procedure utilized to create his work “Some pieces evolve over various months, even years, the ageing and deterioration of substances and components manifesting the creative procedure over time.” If you wish To see Simon’s work in more detail then you are able to do thus here Simon Pontin Art.

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