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Stamp Collecting

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by the justified sinner

Stamp collecting is one of the most popular hobbies for most people. Whereas there are those who collect the stamps for fun because of their pretty and colorful pictures, there are those who do this to both have fun and get to study every single stamp. Regardless of the reason for one to collect the stamps, the activity still brings joy and is interesting to many.

How to collect

When struck by the interest of collecting the stamps, there are different ways through which one can do it. For instance, beginners can start by visiting the local stamp stores and dealers and buying them in packets which come at very affordable prices. It is however important to ensure that the pack you go for has different varieties to make your album more interesting and fun to sort. After you have collected the stamps, the simplest way of sorting them is by country of origin. For those choosing the hobby to get more details on the stamps, this is a great way of sorting since it makes it simple to associate the stamps with what they represent depending on the country of origin.

The other simple way you can sort the stamps is by the subject that they represent. It is highly likely that you will find your own unique way of sorting that best suits your interests. The other way of collecting the stamps is by joining a group or club dealing with the collection. This is especially important for those looking to get more insight on the stamps as different people have different knowledge on the different available stamps. The groups will also provide you with the opportunity of swapping the stamps making it more fun and beneficial to all parties involved.

It is actually a great idea to getting your hands on stamps you do not have and are interested in.

On collecting and getting different ideas about the stamps, most people get to find out how valuable they are with some even seeking to sell or buy some of them. Such kind of insight can be got from stamp catalogues which come with a detailed guide on the market value of the different stamps. With the help of the catalogue, you will have an idea of what exactly to look for in terms of the value. You can make your stamp collecting hobby more fun by finding people with similar interest.


If you would like to start your own collection and enjoyment of stamps? Guidetostampcollecting provide you a basic guide of philately, including how to identify and value of your stamps, how to care for your stamps and offers a strategic platform to project the philately excellence. And here you can read my blogs on Rossie Butler Blogs.

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