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Sub-genres of Trance music beats

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by Elvert Barnes

This article is for those who love being lost in to the divinity of the trance music. Read on to know more about the different sub-genres of trance music beats.

Trance music beats refers to the genre of electronic dance music, which can be described as the most ambiguous and the free-form style of the melodic music which has partially been derived from the house beats. Trance music beats are usually described by a tempo of almost 125 to 150 beats per minute, consisting of repeated melodic synthesizer phrases and building up and breaking down of a musical form throughout the track.

Trance music beats are often broken into large number of sub-genres including Acid trance, Euro trance, Goa trance, Progressive trance, Hard trance and Uplifting trance.

Euro Trance

Euro trance is an amalgamation of various other trance music including progressive trance, hard trance, dream trance. It can be described as the neutral transform which probably is the most simplest to understand. Euro trance music beats is generally around 140-145 bpm with fair number of big rifts. The vocals of the trance music beats are often pitched very high for most parts. However, they can be heard in the normal pitch range, but very rarely. This is the reason why they are often confused with the vocal trance music beats.

Goa trance

This form of electronic music originated in Goa, which is an Indian state. This can be described as a complex melodic form of trance music beats which originated in the early nineties.

Musician from all over the world have developed Goa trance music beats, which often Ragas.

Goa trance music beats are very energetic with 4/4 beats, often going into the 16th or 32nd notes. Goa trance music beats generally have quite a noticeable and a stronger bass line as compared to the other trance music beats.

Progressive trance

Progressive trance generally have this laid-back feel to it. In comparison with the other regular trance, it is characterized by more breakdowns with minimal acid-like sound and changes in the bass-chord. Progressive trance music beats are usually slower with 130-140 bpm with huge variety of sounds. In comparison with the Euro trance, the rifts in the progressive trance music beats are much subtle and they are not as uplifting as the Goa or Euro trance.

Hard trance

Hard trance music beats originated in Frankfurt and can be characterized as being very aggressive and a slow trance. The influence of hard core is clearly visible in hard trance music beats. It is an amalgamation of conventional trance sounds and structure with harder elements. This genre started somewhere in 1993 and gained popularity in the late nineties.

Acid trance

Acid trance are often known as the “first-wave” trance, which was prevalent in the early nineties. This style incorporates Roland TB-303 bass machine as the lead synthesizer.

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  • Rybarske potreby 4 February, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    I love everykind of trance, but the goa style its just too wierd for me…although watching people at goa fest its kinda fun :D

  • Manuel Marino
    20 July, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    yeah, absolutely :) I love trance as well, I like arpeggios and any synth sound used, the hypnotic patterns and the harmonies.
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