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by Dark Art 201101 Five portrait types to look out for this Christmas Christmas is around the place, bringing with-it the season of joy, cheer and family members reunions. Portraits are often commissioned during this period, as an individual keepsake or as a symbol of household get-togethers. Should you too […]

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by Pericomart Art today is everywhere, from tape on the cloths you put onto your back towards the dining table to stay at when eating your dinner into the nights, art is every were, you can think about art to be just what make us personal, whilst stands apart and […]

The Nature of Art Galleries in newyork , photo gallery in newyork,newyork art galleries

by p-damp Sculpture Galleries are sitting space everyplace art is exhibited and in certain gear sold. An introduction to should explain the difference stuck between a trade gallery and an art museum. The length art galleries is selected interchangeably stuck between an real art gallery everyplace art is exhibited and […]

Different Types of Collage Art 1

Art collage is a function of formal art, generally inside the graphic arts, built from an assemblage of different types, therefore creating a completely new kind of art. A collage will include magazines clippings, laces plus ribbons, pieces of colored or hand-made forms, portions of different art, images plus additional […]

On Canvas Art

Charles Veilleux wrote this exclusive article for us. Charles is the owner of Veilleux Fine Art. On May 31, 2009, Veilleux Fine Art transitions into a private artist studio tour business. Charles has owned and operated contemporary art galleries in Santa Fe since 1993. On Canvas Art Art a term […]