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Orchestral Scoring – Voiceover – Audio Mastering Manuel Marino is a Music Composer living in Sicily and working in the music industry since 1999. He has been one of the top artists of mp3.com and featured in its famous compilation FLASHBACK2000. In those years Manuel worked on Sci-Fi series project […]


by Laineys Repertoire French electronic music represents a remarkable blend of rhythm and melody. Many of the present day dance numbers have inspiration of French electronic music. Whichever club you go to, you’ll hear French electronic music or synonymous type of music with thick affects from French electronic music. French […]

French electronic music

Do you aspire to be a singer, musician or perhaps a track author? Do you need to understand how to create tunes? Here are some secrets to begin. Writing a track is simple, composing a breathtaking 1 is difficult. Songs are basically poems with music. Should you are superior at poetry […]

Willing To Know How To Write Song?

Roger L. Bagula wrote this exclusive article for ManuelMarino.com. In a time when the whole future of how music is distributed is in question, maybe we should look at the history of music for a guide. Many of us find music is a part of our everyday life; both in […]

History of Music and Current Recording Industry Crisis