Independent Film

Ways to Market and Distribute Your Independent Film

by wingless warrior One of the several methods to distribute your movie is to receive it into an independent theater. In purchase to do thus, you’ll need to do some analysis function. First, learn more found on the kinds of movies each theater shows. Check out their titles as well […]

Music, Movies and Independent Films 6

In this exclusive interview, Todd Cericola, owner of Clocktower Pictures, talks about his movie studio, about music in movies and about the independent productions world. Manuel Marino: When did you start your movie studio and how did you have the idea? Todd Cericola: Clocktower Pictures was started in February of […]

Growing Independent Film Industry in the Southeast 1

Heidi Yost wrote this exclusive article. Heidi (photo) is a talented actress. In this article, she explains Film Industry situation in the southeast, talks about her experience as artist and gives also important hints for the new actors. Growing Independent Film Industry in the Southeast When I returned home to […]