International Lefthanders Day

Paul McCartney—the music icon is a left handed guitarist. This really is an explanation of the proven truth that being a lefty cannot avoid you from turning into a effective guitarist. Correct that from acquiring the appropriate guitar for you to get familiar with a playing position becomes a little […]

Best Way To Play Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

A individual must have the time to invest for their guitar classes and know that by exercising and understanding the key techniques slowly so she or he’ll recognize the task that is required to master it and be skillful at it. Listed here are a couple of hints for beginners […]

Things You should Know When you Begin Playing The Guitar

Very initially, are you left or right-handed? That is naturally a first query you really need to ask yourself just in case your considering a left handed acoustic guitar. Clearly, it depends upon your dominant hand. Which hand do you utilize the many? As an illustration, I’m right-handed. I play […]

Which Acoustic Guitar To Buy If Left-Handed?