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What Is Considered Fine Art Paintings?

by Bruce Guenter When many folks think of fine art paintings they tend to consider functions produced by distinguished artists including Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Rembrandt. You would anticipate to find this caliber of function dangling in a museum, or found on the walls […]

World Famous Paintings 1

Photo by JKleemanThe Mona Lisa is conveniently the world’s many well-known painting. How will thus little be recognized for certain about Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece? If you have read or enjoyed The da Vinci Code (and who hasn’t?) then you have a taste of a few of the issues surrounding […]

Art Paintings 1

For decades, individuals have studied the Arts. Millions of artists have come and gone and art paintings have graced the walls of the multitude of homes and museums. The love of art paintings is a bit more than merely lookin at pretty photos found on the walls. The love of art paintings involves […]