Technology products: do they make life easier or more complicated?


In the last limited years technologies has invaded our lives, changing our behavior, the technique we work, research, have fun and communicate. Every day a hot technological instrument is introduced available, be that cameras, modern computer or mobile models, more and more sophisticated tvs etc. And if adults consider all of this as anything hot, the fresh decades, the ones which were born and have been growing in this technological epoch, consider all these continual evolutions and the release of hot, advanced goods as anything surprisingly all-natural, and not merely interesting.

But with all these technological devices a query need to be asked: could development actually better our existence? Or was it better in the past, when we didn’t have to utilize different instruments? What is certain is the fact that a special answer cannot be found, and it is actually impossible to generalise. On the one hand it’s true that the numerous technological tools that we have at our disposal have deprived us of anything (the pleasure of playing in a park rather of in front of the movie game system, the joy when you see a letter created by a faraway friend in the mailbox…) and have created our lifetime a bit more complicated (understanding to utilize different kinds of mobiles, computers and so forth is not usually simple, particularly in the event you are not that young); found on the alternative hand it cannot be denied that new technologies have caused several improvements.

The question about the blessings and disadvantages of technological tools on our everyday lifetime has been rekindled by a research that has been newly published on Time and which was carried out by Ad Age, an authoritative source of news about advertising and media. The study, that has taken just a piece of the population into consideration, i.e. the families with an money of about 100,000 dollars a year, refuses to just offer interesting information regarding the popularity of technologic tools: it moreover gathers the opinions of the individuals that utilize these instruments, in purchase to recognize whether they are considered in a positive means, as instruments that will better existence, or negatively as objects that could just create it more complicated. And the results of the study reveals a very fair partition: over a half of the interviewed individuals has not expressed a positive opinion about the superb amount of technological tools that we could – and often have to – employ daily, claiming that these instruments are pretty usually the cause of problems and strain. The remaining piece of the interviewed folks, a bit lower than a half, has mentioned to be in favour of unique technologies in our everyday lifetime, asserting that because of these objects lifetime has become simpler and amusing.

Unfortunately the study refuses to provide additional information regarding the factors why individuals are in favour or from the big employ of development, but in the event you consider your relationship to the numerous technological instruments that you utilize you’ll not discover it difficult to know the factors of both components. Having a new generation mobile, which enables us to check emails in each time, for illustration, is a benefit, but not all folks have an aptitude for following the continual developments of technologies and understanding to utilize different kinds of instruments that could turn out to be complicated should you are not employed to that. As usual the truth lies someplace between!

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