Tetris is good for the brain

A research reveals that the most prevalent videogames in history produces beneficial effects found on the mind.

Who said that all videogames are bad ? According to a research by the Mind Research Network, a no-profit business, the favored game of joints, acknowledged in the planet as “Tetris”, will be wise for the mind of young individuals, it create the mind better and make a thicker cortex.

STUDY – To reach a this conclusion, some experts in mental illnesses have observed for 3 months the behavior of the teenage females that love the Tetris game.

The group was formed by females that have twenty-fifth years older. The results were very surprising. Adolescent females, actually, have developed a thicker cortex than regular. Although the link between your 2 effects remains very unclear to scientists, the research delivers a creative theory that mentioned that the mental exercise as the leading element for the maturation of the brilliant notice.

THE GAME – The initial variation of Tetris, tailored in the Cold War, has appeared in the Soviet Union June 6, 1984.

The objective of the pastime is stacking through appropriate rotations, geometric shaped blocks largely square and rectangular that came down in a vertical area with a speed that progressively heighten. You have to shape these joints with horizontal lines that disappear when completed. With over 125 million duplicates all over the planet, the game has entered into the top-ten best-selling movie game of all time.

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