The Charm Of Classical Singing

If history claims that the Great Musician Tansen might bring down rainfall by singing the Monsoon raga ‘Megh-Malhar’, don’t be too amazed. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that in some technique or the different, Indian traditional music could function all means from easy charm to awe inspiring miracles. Nobody will tell with actual figures, when the music crept into the lives of people or for that matter, what inspired it. What inspired music as it really is now, nonetheless remains a secret. Was it the birds, was it the mountains or the deserts, was it the gentle sound a flowing stream created as it passed through stones, was it the red aura of the dawn or quiet of the dark blue dusk, or was it the mighty waves clashing with all the cliff sides, or gentle rainfall pouring over a quiet valley. Indian traditional music appears to be a celebration of all these and more.

People will know this better by referring to all of the ragas that denote some particular aspect of nature.

Classical music therefore, bears an undeniable and inextricable connection with nature as well as the moreover the big unfathomable expanse on which creation rests . . . which we understand as the universe. Some specialists have moreover indicated their belief as music being the code of the universe, and there is nothing over an average listener will do than believe in it. There are a lot of who found it extremely difficult to believe till they attended traditional musical concerts held and participated by trained specialists in the field. Getting introduced to the charm of ragas is as divine an experience as getting to know nature in its truest shape.

Music is the code of the universe, but the planet would require specialists to talk it. Learning Indian traditional music is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are too various factors that are associated with it and to some it can frequently appear discouraging. To start with, persons must be born with some standard in their vocal cords that can allow those to absorb the music classes. Then it takes the will of the learner to result in the ultimate choice to discover. And then comes the many striving of all jobs and that is acquiring the proper teacher. Without right training, the hope of generating it big in Classical music is as wise as gone.

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