The End of the Compact Disc

English: a small compact disk / Memorex CD-RW ...

English: a small compact disk / Memorex CD-RW Polski: mała płyta kompaktowa Memorex CD-RW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all knew this day might come. The downfall of the compact disk was unavoidable when technologies like MP3 players and Internet radio began gaining customer approval. It was just a matter of time before the industry realized the styles of our instances and readjusted their distribution techniques.

However, the demise of the compact disk, although in the generating for at minimum a decade, is just beginning to show noticeable signs. Sony newly announced it will be shutting down 1 of its 2 compact disk production vegetation in the States and commented, in no unsure terms, that the key cause for the closure was the growing dominance of digital music distributed via the Internet.

The era of the compact disk is officially over. We have not chosen them for at minimum half a decade (my individual assortment of CDs is gathering dust in a corner of my attic). They have ceased to be a piece of our lives. Compact discs usually join the loves of cassettes and plastic records, gathered by fringe fanatics and ignored by the rest of the general populace. Like many technologies that have outlived their cause, compact discs is remembered with nostalgia but seldom missed with all the advent of free online music.

Truth be told, I’m a small amazed it took this extended to for the compact disk to be retired as well as for vegetation to be closed down. Officials at the plant linked the rise of the digital music and online piracy to the choice to shut the compact disk production plant down, as well as are place on.

Personally, I have not purchased a single CD in the last 2 years. Many of the music I desire is available online to hear to for free. Additionally, I will choose and select which tracks I need from an album and receive different interactive qualities a compact disk merely cannot provide me. I don’t even learn where my CD player is at the moment! Likewise, millions of others across the globe depend on their MP3 players now to meet their musical needs.

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