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The Three Elements Of Science Fiction Movies

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by library_mistress

ET, robot, time travel and virtual space are the main elements that widely used by the science fiction movie. Then what are the symbolic meanings of the three elements? What distinct temperament it brings to science fiction movie?

ET stands for an image that exists independently with the human being. It is a symbol and metaphor of human being’s various desire, dream and nightmare. At first, ET was described as a huge creature which is giant, evil and has mental retardation. They wave their hands, use ray gun to fire human beings. UFO like alien spacecraft, octopus-like monster from outer space and death ray weapon, etc, is the novel elements in science fiction movies. Human being’s courage, unity and wisdom shown when they overcome the aliens are the main theme of these films.

Robot is a human creation, in science fiction movie they are supposed to be a combination of machine and human. They are nothing more than imitation of human. They have three kind of relationship with human being. First, the relationship between master and servant. Second, the relationship between man and machine; Third, the relationship between man and god.

Robot is always moulded as the servant of human being, even like a domestic dog. Transforming man includes cloning, human that produced by the biological transformation and people with extraordinary capacity. It usually means a deformation of human being. This description of robot can reflect the potential human nature. So the main theme of this kind of movie is always the question that whether human can be god or not. When human has an equal power with god, his spirit can’t control his power. Therefore, this film is often confused, pessimistic and with a prophetic function.

Whenever a time travel or space travel is a means not the ultimate goal. The meaning of travel can be generally summed up with adventure and treasure hunt. Space travel is not that simple to take your package. For example, in the beginning of Star Wars, Luke begins his adventure journey when he catches the first sight with princess Lea’s image. But in the end, what he is looking for is not the superficial target but his vision and growth.

Time travel movies are more complicated on the surface. In this type of movie time becomes a false concept; the most important thing is self-identified. However, film with the theme of time will not easily let you wake up, it always use another time travel to overthrow all the things have happened.

Summary: have you noticed that ET, robot, time travel and virtual space has become the main elements in science fiction movies? What does is play as? This article will show you.

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