How to Get A Waterproof MP3 Player

Nokia n95 Smartphone
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If you like to be active and surf or swim (or function up a real sweat for that matter), consider getting yourself a waterproof MP3 player. There are some choices available, even so they appear to be somewhat limited in amount. However, there are instances furthermore accessible that could turn iPods into waterproof MP3 players.

Poor sound standard is the usually problem.But 1 has to create a trade-off if they like to hear to their tunes while kayaking, swimming, or diving. Remember you possibly don’t wish To utilize a waterproof MP3 player outside of water or create it your main MP3 player.

Oregon Scientific might resolve it.For illustration, they provide the Oregon Scientific MP120/BL512C 512MB Waterproof MP3 Player with FM Tuner. It has a very anemic 512MB of memory, thus make certain to place your favorite tunes on this dog. On the plus side, it does come with FM radio (as indicated by its name) and an equalizer with five presets.

You might discover the information to show that it’s waterproof to a level of 1 meter for 25 minutes really.The critiques weren’t that desirable because far because sound goes, but should you need to blend watersports and music it’s among the some options available. There is also a cheaper 256MB variation and 1GB adaptation too. You will wish To store about, as 1 website indexed the 1GB adaptation as cheaper than the 512MB adaptation.Another choice is the Finis SwiMP3, a waterproof MP3 player that utilizes bone-conduction technologies to provide sound. User ratings gave it a superior rating, but you wear the device found on the back of the head. This signifies access to the controls is almost impossible unless you stop whatever it’s you’re doing to change them.

On the different hand, the consumer ratings were mostly positive and indicated that sound standard was very advantageous for a waterproof MP3 player. Other than the memory size, that is not anything to shout about, actual specs were in brief supply. It currently comes in a 256MB variation, that is double the authentic 128MB variation. It lists for a retail cost of $189.99.Your different way is to waterproof your iPod like the line of situations from H20 Audio, including instances for your movie iPod, next or initially generation Nano, or Shuffle. They even have specialized instances for scuba diving to take your tunes to even better depths. Check these choices and more out online!

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