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What ambient lighting can do for your home

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by veo_


Lighting in a home is something that is frequently overlooked or at least underestimated, when in actual fact it plays an integral role in defining different areas of your home and creating practical and functional spaces. The lighting design of a home should not only be used for visual comfort, but also to provoke an emotional response by implementing an appropriate atmosphere for that particular space. It is surprising just how much difference the correct lighting techniques can make to the mood of a room.


In many modern homes light has become a very clever extension of the architecture that surrounds it, remember that light itself is not visible until it actually hits an object, therefore it can be used to create hierarchies of various dynamics and moods. 


The correct lighting design will effectively enhance the décor and furniture of a room; it really is a key feature. The are a number of different lightings, for example it could be hard or soft – soft light is diffused light that minimises the creation of any hard shadows and deep contrast, therefore creating a much more relaxed atmosphere.


Light fittings can breathe life into a home, lighting up dark corners, artwork, practical spaces, and generally creating the appropriate mood for that space. One useful technique for kitchen lighting is to have spotlights fixed to the underside of wall mounted cabinets, this way the surfaces that are frequently used for food preparation are no longer left in the shadows. 


By altering the brightness or reflecting it off a ceiling or wall you can effectively manipulate your perception of a room.

For example, a small room could appear as a fresh space or a larger room could appear to be cosier. More often than not, dingy and pokey rooms are a result of a poor lighting design.


For rooms that have low ceilings, recessed lights are often a good way to maintain space – because they are built into the ceiling they do not make the ceiling seem lower, unlike mounted ones. If a room has a higher ceiling then perhaps a mixture of both recessed and mounted lighting could be more effective, creating a neutral balance. 


Similarly, a mixture of light is also useful for rooms that serve more than one purpose, for example bedrooms are not always just for sleeping. Many people will use their bedroom for a variety of other tasks; therefore the lighting needs to be able to switch from practical to relaxing. The use of wall lights, lamps and spotlights can help to create a functional and relaxing space.

So if you’re looking to buy property then make sure you consider the implications of the lighting design before you buying new homes.

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