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What Is a 3D Illustration?

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by rafeejewell

3D illustration is a complex process and an art of creating images as well as the animation in a three dimensional environment within a computer with the help of a 3D software application. It is a process of creating a 2D representation of a three dimensional object in a virtual world wherein the key role is performed by the artist who expresses the design of the structure in a rendered perspective with the help of various 3D illustrator software applications. The major advantage is that it creates vector models that can be used in any resolutions. As a result the solution offered by 3D illustration can be used in both design and animation.

Incorporated with several features, along with numerous advantages and benefits it has become the most essential part of computer graphics. 3D illustration service has been an essential part in providing an array of various other services to the stakeholder, which includes 3D modelling, 3D rendering, 3D character design, photorealistic artwork and much more. With its capabilities to create the spectacular images and effectsit allows the audiences to experience the most stunning visual and animation. As a matter of fact, a professional 3D artist or the 3D animation studio could help you out with a solution that is able to captivate and mesmerize the mass audiences.

There has been a continuous demand of 3D illustration in industries related to Marketing, advertising and promotion, video games, web design and development, film and movies, animation, etc. The demand could be as small as a web designing template for a small website or a complex fully immersed 3D animation movie or video game, product prototype or a medical representation; 3D illustration have always played an important role by providing the perfect and effective solution.

Inevitable to say that industries, organizations and business enterprises are always searching for innovative way to market themselves; 3D illustration has played a notable role in meeting these requirements by providing unique solutions to spotlight the given product, material and services. It also helps to create a branding for the company. Some of the major advantages of 3D illustration services include:


1. Helps to convey the right message to the audience.

2. Helps to create a company and / or product branding.

3. Mesmerizes and seeks the attention of the mass audiences.

4. Increases the marketing potential of the organization.

5. Helps to convey right message to the targeted market.

6. Allows generating more profit with increased customers.

7. Can give a spotlight to any given product, material, company or business.


There are few professional 3D animation studios in London, UK, with years of industry experience and vast knowledge on various 3D animation software applications. Such a studio is boasted with a team of professional artists, and can offer you the quality solutions in 3D illustration services.

Imaginar offers 3D animation, 3D illustration, CG animation service in London UK. We are a unique group of professional CG artists, who have joined together from around the world to offer various CG animation services. For more information, visit us at http://www.imaginar.co.uk

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