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What Trance Genre Do You Fancy? 5 Sub Genres To Consider

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by Elvert Barnes

Trance is an incredibly complex genre of electronic dance music, with several separate sub genres that are both connected and distinct from each other. Let’s take a look around at the many different types of trance here. Just be aware that there is much more involved that we can discuss at a later time.

Progressive Trance

This genre is typically described as a more laid back type of trance with a wide variety of sound, often resulting in no memorable melodic line. Instead there is an emphasis on the gentle evolving sounds layered together to create a strong musical sense of the atmosphere. It is a deeper sound that involves more of a tribal techno sound with breaks.

Melodic/Uplifting Trance

Call this sub genre what you’d like – melodic trance, uplifting trance, Euro trance, commercial trance – this music will just plain old make you feel good. It’s what most people start out listening to when they first get into trance. This type of trance often begins with a percussion and bass lead in followed by a sub and primary melody. Female vocals are often integrated into the music, which may be the reason it has more of a commercial feel than other categories of trance.

Goa or Psychedelic Trance

These are actually two separate sub genres of trance, but because of their close connection with the hippie culture, they can often be interpreted as either or.

The main difference between these types of trance is that Goa infuses more of a cultural and Middle Eastern feel to it while psy trance (as it is often abbreviated) has more of a nostalgic and energetic sound.

Dark and Deep Trance

People don’t normally associate darkness with trance, as it is often an uplifting genre. However, dark and deep trance is a bit sadder with a more melancholy feel to it. Dark trance is laced with heavier, darker pads and strings than traditional trance music (if there is such a thing). You will hear a more melodic, sublime sound that is less busy with deep trance.

Acid Trance

Acid trance is considered an archaic form of trance and is also known as ‘hard trance.’ It was pioneered in London through underground parties, peaking in the 90s and spreading around the world. Acid trance music has a trademark “acid” sound, which is produced by the Roland TB-303 playing a sequenced melody while altering the instrument’s filter cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, and accent controls.

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