2010 Was Another Massively Successful Year For The Amazon Kindle Reader

various e-book readers. From right to left iPa...

various e-book readers. From right to left iPad (Apple、2010) kindle DX (Amazon、2009) kindle 2 (Amazon、2009) kindle 1 (Amazon、2007) PRS-505 (Sony、2007) PRS-500 (Sony、2006). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the dust within the festive sales season has died down a small, it appears apparent it has been another extremely lucrative year for the Amazon Kindle reader. The latest Kindle 3, which established at the finish of August 2010 has almost continued where the Kindle 2.0 left off and kept it’s position as Amazon’s ideal marketing product.

Over the Christmas sales period (November 14 to December 19) it outsold all additional products found on the Amazon url. The 8GB Apple iPod Touch took 2nd region.

As routine, Amazon is playing its cards very close to its business torso with regards to actual numbers. However, industry analysts have improved their prediction for 2011 Kindle sales from 5 million units to 8 million. It’s furthermore value noting that industry analysts estimate Amazon’s share of the present e-book marketplace to be an astonishing 90%.

It’s the mixture of the Kindle reader as well as the huge selection of Kindle books which looks to result in the difference. Currently, there are over 800,000 Kindle books accessible for sale for the Kindle. Those paid titles are moreover supplemented with a further 1.8 million from copyright titles – including classics by the loves of Virgil, Homer, Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte – that are accessible as free downloads. You are able to cut costs and strengthen your collection simultaneously.

Amazon has, very cleverly, produced several free Kindle “apps” accessible. These let consumers to utilize alternative handheld electronic equipment to read Kindle books – so that they could do not have concerns about losing their ebook collection if they choose to select a unique reader hardware at some point in future. At this time, Kindle apps exist for the Windows PC, the Mac computer, the Apple iPhone, the iPad, Blackberry’s smart telephone and any device which runs Android. And, really just in case you didn’t see, all these apps furthermore function as an powerful path to marketplace for Kindle books.

Whatever you might think in regards to the comparison between ebook visitors and “real” books, it appears very well-defined that the Amazon Kindle is the best ebook reader with a extended technique. The fact that truly the only credible competition to the Kindle comes in the shape of the Apple iPad, a significant spec pill computer which costs over 3 instances the cost of the Kindle, speaks volumes.

Analysts are predicting that Amazon’s share of the e-book marketplace can drop off in the coming years. But with a 90% marketplace share, that’s barely a damning indictment. Some downward movement is, very frankly, virtually inevitable. It’s forecast that, by 2015, there is a approximately equal split in ebook sales between Amazon, Google and Apple. Naturally, considering the present rate of development, all that might indicate is the fact that Amazon may have a somewhat reduced share of the greatly improved marketplace.

At present, there is nothing to recommend that the Kindle’s dominance is reducing. The possibly improved competition after the release of the iPad doesn’t appear to have knocked Amazon of its stride. There may clearly need to be some rationalisation as the marketplace matures – in the meantime Amazon look set to create hay while the sunlight shines and are among the main players in the digital publishing marketplace for a extended time to come.

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