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Photo by DavidDMuirDid you learn that properly stringing or re-stringing your guitar depends on choosing the correct strings for your playing fashion? Selecting the right strings makes a big difference in the sound you provide as every type of string can have a particular sound trait. There are many kinds […]

Choosing Strings For Guitar Tuning

by susanvg The Magic Flute was Mozart’s final opera. It was written in 1791, the year of his death. It was first performed at the Theater auf der Weiden in Vienna. How The Magic Flute Came About The idea for The Magic Flute came about as a result of the […]

Die Zauberflote – The Magic Flute

by smohundro Drummers are occasionally a bit stuck in their techniques – drums ought to be made from lumber, cymbals ought to be round and made from bronze etc but at the finish of your day are we because drummers today going through what guitar players or pianists went through […]

Why play electronic drums?

by L. Bernhardt, Resident Loon Traditional drums were present many years ago and it was appreciated by drummers for very some time until latest innovations were introduced. This really is commonly called as the old-school drum kind. The leading key of acoustic drums is the fact that these are self-sufficient […]

Electronic Drum Kits Versus Acoustic Drums

by Paul Vallejo If you have played a 4 string bass guitar before, you’ll love playing a 5 string. The 5 string range is gaining in recognition by your day as bass players are demanding a broader range of sound without move up and down the fretboard. Five string bass […]

5 String Bass Guitars

by Seth Mazow This is Egypt undoubtedly the many populated Arab nation across Africa. Located in the desert, and separate in 2 through south to north with all the greatest river found on the planet: the Nile. The weather in Egypt is singular (incredibly with all the existence of the […]

Egypt’s Mysteries