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by Ev0luti0nary London is house to numerous exciting and interesting art exhibitions this spring. The range of art on show is really diverse there’s anything to meet everyone’s tastes. If you’re seeking to explore the creative products of the capital city, the following exhibitions are running: Former Turner prize-winner Chris Ofili is […]

The best art exhibitions in London this spring

by Mikey G Ottawa I’ve been playing the guitar for a lengthy time. I began when I was twelve – I’m 34 today – understanding “Smoke found on the Water” by Deep Purple. After a week of frequently practicing the chorus utilizing bar chords until my timing was best I […]

How to Shred Guitar at Warp Speed

by rodrigo senna Drum building routines are noticed by professional drum makers after years value of messing up, continual repetition and drum building experiments. Possessing the “drum building secrets” from years and years of practice would take… perfectly… years and years of practice! Can’t we skip a few of that […]

3 Drum Building Tips To Help You Make A Drum ...