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by L.C.Nøttaasen The Unique Guitar Tips Learning Process Core Learning System The Guitar Tips Core Learning System is our third-generation guitar lesson program geared toward the first-time student and those returning to guitar after some time. This system of 8 full-length guides is divided into 2 sections, and . Each […]

Easy guitar lessons

by MShades Abstract art may be called a creative way of expressing a painter’s view of the globe together with its objects. On the other hand to the conventional art shape, abstract art emphasizes on inspirations or imagination, which they express on canvas. At instances, an artist offers his thoughts […]

Abstract Art ? What Is It Actually?

by Mr G’s Travels The Native American design flute is a musical instrument of elegant simplicity. Because of the simplicity the Native American design flutes are simple to play. This makes it an perfect instrument for the casual player. But with simplicity come certain limitations. When I state tuning I […]

Tuning the Indian Love Flute