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by D W S There are several types of guitars. The most commonly known are the electric and acoustic guitars, but their lesser known cousin, the bass, is a very rewarding choice, as well. Bass Guitar For Beginners The bass guitar is the easiest type of guitar to learn. Beginner […]

How To Play A Bass Guitar

by OZinOH for the very first time is an overwhelming experience. Drum sets come with a lot of components within a wide budget that it may be difficult selecting what you require from what you never, and what the difference is between drum set brands and cost choices. The most […]

Buying A Drum Set

by francescc Like understanding anything else in existence, you need to receive the fundamentals of the violin down initially. If you are understanding to play the violin, among the fundamentals is how you hold a violin. Holding it incorrectly usually provide you neck and headaches, shoulder and arm aches, and fatigue. […]

Hold Violin Secrets: Tips on Staying Comfortable While Holding and ...