A Gospel Concert with Soul

Carla Gover
Photo by blueathena7
Throughout history, music has constantly had the function to influence community. At important junctures in history it has transcended beat, rhythm and tone (i.e. the technical components of music) and has associated people in deeper, usually mystical, methods. We saw this truly powerfully during the 60s where artists like Bob Dylan were thus more than simply musicians penning out tunes.

They were social activists, framing public consensus in their music and providing shape to the thoughts and worldview of a whole generation. When I heard about the Martin Luther King Jr. Gospel Concert which was held in Newington now, I couldn’t but reflect found on the inert trans-formative ability of music.

The concept of organizing music concerts to raise public awareness (or to create funds for charities) is not hot. I’m certain we have all heard about philanthropic mega-concerts like Live 8 as well as the individuals behind them like Bono and Bob Geldolf. Newington’s MLK Jr. Gospel Concert, nevertheless, was practically diametrically the opposite. It became a tiny gathering of about 1 100 and fifty people.

Local musicians played side by side with gospel music leaders. Individuals loved to the soulful music emanating within the stage, clapping their eyes and moving about when the quicker, more energetic music were played. I’m not very against mega-concerts like Live 8 but tiny, unheard of concerts like Newington’s MLK Jr. Gospel Concert have a certain allure about them. because they are tiny gatherings, you don’t discover yourself disoriented or distracted.

You reach lose yourself in the music and connect yourself to the energy as well as the tips that the music represents. Through all sound and glamour, it is actually somewhat effortless to forget a Live 8 concert is about fighting poverty across the globe. At a concert like the delightful Newington MLK Gospel Concert, nonetheless, it happens to be difficult to get rid of sight of the guy whose lifetime the concert was celebrating, his vision and his sacrifice. I, for 1, cannot wait for upcoming year’s editions and am going to test and catch more of these tiny, intimate concerts this year.

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