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who is Manuel Marino?

He worked with major feature films, MTV and accolades from experts in the industry!!

…an hard working, keen to details and goal oriented Senior Producer and Artist with over ten years of experience specializing in story-based branded entertainment: videogames, short films, feature films, web series, consumer virals, educational talk shows, advertising campaigns and more!

Key facts:

• Over 100 successful multimedia projects make Manuel a pillar of the indie community,
• Over 100 recommendations by leading experts in the industry,
• A Veteran in the Music and Entertainment Business, worked on projects like ‘The Last Sacrament’ and ‘Hell Trip’,
• Excellent leadership skills with great understanding of man management, telecommunications and media,
100+ Commercials for small businesses,
Voice Talent expert for videogames and entertainment business.

PATRICK GARCIA: Manuel Marino is a truly exceptional music composer. His ability to compose incredible pieces of music makes him a truly valuable asset to any studio requiring fantastic music.