Ajax Technology

Ajax technologies introduction:

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technologies has been increasingly common in webpage shape. With ajax development you are able to submit shape information to the host without refreshing the document. Suppose you may be filling an online registration shape. You write your consumer name, e-mail address, address etc. and submit that shape. At the host end host detects that the consumer name has been taken by another consumer. So it may generate an mistake content and request you to select different consumer name. Then you need to fill the whole shape again unless the host brings your information back to you through question string. Moreover it is actually not fairly secure to send your individual info through question string. In these case information submit by ajax development is the greatest answer. Another helpful feature of ajax development is the fact that you are able to send custom information (like consumer IP) that is not in the shape field.

Like traditional information submission ajax information submit equally of 2 kinds, GET and POST.

There relative merits demerits are same as traditional information submission.

How information is submitted utilizing ajax:

1. When consumer submits information by pressing submit switch or by clicking submit link a JavaScript function is known as.
2. This function establishes connection with all the host by XML HTTP REQUEST object. When connection is established information within the shape fields are sent to the host.
3. Whenever the host reaction is received another JavaScript function is fired. This function then takes the required methods based on the reaction text within the host end.

Ajax Benefits and disadvantages:


As complete page is not reloaded ajax submission is quicker than traditional shape submission task.
2. It is much more consumers friendly.
3. Utilize of ajax technologies is not limited to shape information submission. It is popular in dynamic menu design; collecting information for internet stat analysis, or reload the whole page dynamically.
4. Some consumers disabled JavaScript of their browser. In these instances ajax fails to function.
5. As information are dynamically loaded internet history is not accessible, i.e. you can’t reload page by utilizing back switch of the browser.

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