Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa; In up Coming Future?

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Photo by Photo Giddy
Concept is rife that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have started dating and albeit neither of them has confirmed the rumours, Wiz now voiced that he lately took Rose to satisfy this mom. The Pittsburgh-born rapper produced the confession during an interview with Funkmaster Flex at jock’s Hot 97 show.

Wiz described Rose and his mother’s meet up as ‘cool’ and voiced “They really absolutely, truly dig each additional. Amber is a sweetheart, and my mother, masses who meets her likes her anyway. accordingly it was actually tight.”Wiz mentioned that Rose met his mom during the AFC Championship game, where he was transmitted invitation by his admired Pittsburgh Steelers to kickoff the event, by operating his well-known track ‘Black and Yellow.

‘The MC was uncharacteristically timid explaining the event to Flex. He mentioned that the link up was created potential due to Rose flight schedule.Even though Wiz has showed his affection for Pittsburgh on diverse times, he told The Source magazine at the finish of last year that is thinking about shifting to Hollywood to advance his job.

The lanky rapper has been a standard found on the West coastline due to his growing companionship and musical projects with seasoned Snoop Dogg. Apart from Snoop’s appearance on Black and Yellow’s G-Mix, the duo are today functioning on their film ‘High School’ and developing its joint soundtrack too.

However, when he does result in the choice to support his home, Wiz voiced that he is gonna do it silently, without the media hoopla. “You wouldn’t be capable to tell if I did or didn’t because I’m available thus much. And that’s what I sought it to be. I form of desired to blend. Should you do see me a lot, then that may be why,” he voiced.

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