Anyone Can Learn to Sing

Article by Sarah J. Walthers

Have you ever gone to a karaoke and heard other people singing their heart out and without minding that they have a really bad tone? There are people who are not aware that they sound awful but still like to sing. The question for you is, can anyone learn to sing? The answer is a big yes! Singing can be learned as long as you have a passion for it and it interests you.

Personally, i believe that anyone can learn to sing given the right tools, just like training and stuff. It is a fact that there singers who are not born with golden voice, before they reached their stardom they also had to practice and learn the basics in singing, including proper breathing technique, correct posture, how to sing from the diaphragm and many more.
Passion for singing is very important you just got to love it if you want to succeed in this craft. Famous singers also experienced once in their life being criticized, because not all of them are really gifted. Some of them reached where they are right now because of hard work and constant practice.

There are many ways that you can do if you really want to learn to sing. One is to hire a professional voice teacher and undergo proper training with them. These voice teachers will teach you the basic in singing and give you practical assignments so that you will learn fast.

Second, is to search in the internet for online singing lessons and study singing in your pace. You can learn from their tutorials about breathing technique, notes, pitch and among others. In the internet you can choose from the long list of learn to sing software. Example of these software are Sing-O-Rama, Pure Pitch Method, Canta 1.9.3 and the Singing is Easy. All these software have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s all up to you to choose what software suits your needs.

Another way for you to learn to sing is by buying books in music stores. Though this is a little bit complicated because you cannot experience human interaction, but still you can learn from reading. There are lot of music books that you can find in department stores, book stores and music stores in your area.

One more way to learn to sing is recording your own voice. Every day try to record your own voice and listen to it. Start with the song that you are very familiar and then work on your flaws. And then try other songs that you’re not very familiar with. You can also make other people listen to it and ask for comments about your voice, your tone, and your pitch. That way you can learn easily because already know your mistakes.
Anyone can learn to sing, the most important thing is you got to have a lot of practice and put extra time and effort in what you are doing. Just always remember that singing is for everybody, as long as you have voice, you can learn to sing.

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