Architecture of Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is the 1 among the Seven Wonders of World. The beauty of Taj is value appreciating for the famous history and beautiful architecture. This epitome of love is a source for inspiration for several since ages. Tourists are bewitched by the splendid sight of Taj Mahal. One see to have the architectural beauty of Taj is essential for everyone. And once there, you’ll clearly feel like re-visiting it.

Taj Mahal Tours

Bagging the best list of New Seven Wonders of the World for another time, has only increased the enthusiasm of the visitors to explore the architectural marvel of the fabulous structure in marble, our own Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is the best specimen of architecture. Visitors to Taj Mahal are merely awestruck by the beautiful architectural quality. The transcendent Taj is usually described as India’s “Jewel in the Crown”, which absolutely Taj is. For various decades, visitors have been coming and seeing the beauty of Taj to appreciate the charming website.

Origin of Taj Mahal

The elegance of Indo Islamic architecture of Taj nevertheless attracts the fans, poets, composers, travelers, tourist, architects, archaeologists likewise. Unraveling the mysteries of Taj Mahal is very interesting. Legend has it that Taj Mahal wouldn’t have been a fact had not Prince Khurram, Shah Jahan, enjoyed and fallen in love with Arjumand Bano Begu, Mumtaz Mahal.

Their love at initially sight solemnized into wedding and Mumtaz asked Shah Jahan to give her desires. Of 4 desires, the 1 was to build a tomb in her memory which wouldn’t have watched or prepared ever before.

Shah Jahan satisfied the think of his beloved spouse as well as the rest is history. The opulence of Taj Mahal functions like a magic found on the beholders. It casts a spell as well as the beholder is just surprised by the splendid extravaganza of mysticism. It boasts of being the many enduring signal of love in the planet and the most popular tourist attraction.

Architecture of Taj Mahal

The construction of Taj Mahal needed fantastic artistry and mastery. The magnum opus wasn’t built simply from blue. Much pains had been taken for the designing and erection of the grand edifice. The present Taj is an result of talent, experience, expertise and diligence of about twenty 1000 labors and artisans. The period of its construction is not less entertaining. It took twenty 2 years to transmute this think of Mumtaz into an epitome of eternal love. Started in 1632, the construction culminated in 1654.

Not just a extended length of erection but the amount of regal treasure invested on its construction is furthermore beautiful. If historians are to believed, it is actually mentioned that Shah Jahan had invested thirty 2 million rupees within the regal treasury and had consulted many specialists shape Middle East and Europe. Master craftsmen were imported all method from Qannauj, Lahore, Multan, Baghdad, Shiraz and Bukhara to result in the great part of marble.

A fleet of 1 1000 elephants transported the construction information sourced from different components of India and Central Asia. Twenty 8 different types of uncommon, valuable, and semi valuable stones were utilized in the inlay function embellishing Taj.

The architectural complex of Taj Mahal include of five key elements:

The darwaza or the principal gateway

The Baggecha or the garden

The Masjid or the Mosque

The Naqqar Khana or the Rest House

The Rauza or the Mausoleum

Gateway of Taj is made in pure red sandstone and measures 25 meters in height. The gateway is inscribed in apparently uniform lettering with a “Promise of Allah” (verses) from Koran. The garden of the Taj covers the whole region involving the principal gateway as well as the foot of the edifice. The design of Taj Garden is within the formula of 4 with 2 intersecting marble canals studded with fountains and edged with cypress tress. The tomb of Taj is within square program with chamfered corners. Entry to the mausoleum is through the southern portal. The slim minarets are crowned with 8 windowed cupolas that accent the central structure.

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