Are Violin and Viola Same Musical Instruments? 2

To the query whether the violin and viola are same musical instruments – the answer is Yes and No.

As compared to violin, the viola is a lot bigger in bodily size and also longer string lengths. Besides, the viola is usually strung with wider strings than the violin. The wider strings of the viola mean that more stress should be used with all the bow to create them make sound.

The truth, still, remains that the information utilized and way of construction of both the instruments are synonymous. Unlike the violin, there are no recommended standard models for a full viola.
For lengthy, viola producers have experimented with all kinds of models and shapes for the viola – though volume of their efforts has not succeeded. Increasing the size and style of the body of the viola has frequently lead to a much deeper tone of the instrument, more like the tone of the cello.

Some latest innovations are creating the viola shorter and lighter while acquiring methods to retain the conventional sound.

To place items in right attitude, the violin is the greatest pitched instrument of the whole violin family that involves the viola, the cello, as well as the double bass. The viola can be considered as the 2nd highest pitched associate of the violin family. The viola has a key character in the symphony, although its solo repertory is limited.

The violin and viola have countless aspects in prevalent including form and color, but the sounds they emanate are different albeit both the sounds are equally pleasing.
As regards the bow, if the finish which the artiste holds the bow is a directly 90 degree angle, then it happens to be a violin bow. The viola bow, found on the alternative hand, is a 90 degree angle with a curved corner and is a lot heavier.

When hunting at the strings, you’ll observe that he violin has an E string and without C string, whereas for the viola it is very the opposite. Coming to the pitch, the violin has a high e-string while the viola has a lower c-string.

Music experts confirm that violins mostly play high pitched components of music while Viola plays the lower pitched components. But the techniques included are much the same for both the instruments as well as need the same amount of training and practice to gain proficiency.

When choosing whether to understand playing the violin or the viola, you really need to consider the scale of the hand. Aspirants endowed with large hands will choose the viola as those with tiny hands can discover playing the viola somewhat inconvenient. For a individual who would like to be conspicuous and receive observed in a concert, violin is the apparent choice. But in the event you are quiet and unassuming but passionate, then viola is the best instrument for you.

Be it the violin or viola, you want a competent and knowledgeable trainer should you are keen to understand. As viola players are comparatively fewer, you have difficulty in identifying a superior viola instructor in your vicinity whereas getting a professional violin instructor can be simpler. But, in the event you are searching to make it big in music, then understanding viola is the appropriate thing to do because there are not numerous capable viola players available.

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  • Paul johnson
    27 January, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    In my opinion they are not the same instruments. They may looks similar and be played in a similar manner but the similarity stops there. If for example during a concert a member of an orchestra breaks his violin, he wouldn’t say “pass me that viola quickly!!” – because It can not produce the same sound . If this you summarised it best when you went on the describe That : “To put things in proper perspective, the violin is the highest pitched instrument of the entire violin family that includes the viola, the cello, and the double bass” as a member of a family it must an entity all of its own.

    Great post

  • Manuel Marino
    27 January, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Hello Paul! all very reasonable, thanks for the comment!
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Significance of Music for Film and Music SupervisorsMy Profile

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