Wonderful Poetry

This is a wonderful poetry book created by Harry Smith. He is an articulate poet, and is dynamic in every means, form, or shape. Harry has really opened his heart in this text and has delivered some stunning words regarding his outlook on lifetime. He articulates his belief in God as a Christian and states why he is a Christian in the poem, Why I am a Christian. This poem is simply packed with words of inspiration for the soul.

This wonderful poetry book, Articulated Emotions, is created in 8 sections as follows: Section I – Spiritual, Section II – Inspirational Section III – Special Occasions, Section IV – Nature, Section V – Loneliness/Sorrow/Pain, Section VI – Love/Romance, Section VII – Friendship, Section VIII – Haiku/Senryu/Hybrid, and “A Song of Praise” to end the series.

He renders tribute to his mom with a Mother’s Day Rose poem to begin the Special Occasion Section. His specialized words are “I love you Mom and there is not a alternative to take your spot as my dear Mother…” Continuing, he provides a Father’s Day Carnation to his father on his unique day additionally. His specialized words of tribute are, “This day I honor you my Father, and provide specialized because of you.”

This good poetry book has a range of haiku poems throughout its pages. The haiku poems cover the 4 seasons of the year, and cover certain flowers of many names. The section on senryu poems renders beauty to God his Heavenly Father with praises and thanksgiving.

He ends this beautiful poetic text with a track of praise entitled, Thank You Jesus For Selecting Me. Each chorus section is created in rhyming couplet shape and flows in a way of pure elegance.

This is these a beautiful, calming, and inspiring poetry book to read. It calms the soul and uplifts the spirit. Additionally, the motifs throughout the book provide it a picturesque view while reading.

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