Astronauts 5

Today I create a new category, named 2009 Music Demos, where I’ll publish totally new music tracks made with the latest gears but with the same talent behind: myself 🙂

These tracks are demonstrations of my skills and creative ideas and in each post I’ll explain the inspiration that moves them, the images (like the Astronauts) I would like you to see, while listening to them, and the feelings.

Astronauts and Funk Music

This first post is dedicated to big 80s space operas, movies, novels, astronauts and sci-fi culture. This is also a trip to old good 80s with their catchy rhythms, synths and guitars.

This first demo starts with a space choir, an opening orchestra and choir theme, I can say epic and grand, that creates images of galaxies, shuttles, astronauts and the infinity of the universe.

The choir evolves into a rock instrumental piece, with 80s synth effects that add a spacey feel to the entire track, yes, again more astronauts music. I can name it “space rock”.

Yes, as you see I like everything about space topics, astronauts, spaceships and similar.

The next style is jazz, a universal style that will never end to please our ears, today, and in the next centuries.

Synths are back in an 80s pop mix, while a really catching funk part ends the demonstration, making us really uplifting and excited.

I dedicate this music work to Richard Garriott, Lord British in Ultima and significant figure in the video game industry. And lately, also an astronaut!

On October 12, 2008, astronaut Garriott launched aboard Soyuz TMA-13 to the International Space Station as a self-funded tourist, returning safely 12 days later aboard Soyuz TMA-12.

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  • Jeff Doak 27 February, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Definitely heard some “Jump” in there. Richard’s a very lucky man to be able to go into space and back.
    Keep up the great work Manuel!

  • Manuel Marino
    27 February, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Thank you, Jeff! 🙂

  • Paadal Varigal 13 July, 2014 at 8:55 am

    I too love Richard Garriott, he is one of my favorite persons in the world…
    Paadal Varigal recently posted..Vaanga Makka Vaanga Lyrics – Kaaviya ThalaivanMy Profile

  • Manuel Marino
    21 November, 2014 at 2:24 am

    yep, Richard is fantastic. Lately he is working on a new game, named Shroud of the Avatar. Seems he still has a lot to tell about games and his wonderfully created world.
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Travel Strategies For Classical Acoustic GuitarMy Profile

  • stella saran 14 April, 2016 at 8:26 am

    Thanks for sharing a great post on new music demo.
    stella saran recently posted..Mothers Day 2016 Cards Handmade ideas for PreschoolersMy Profile

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