Beautiful Scenery 2

Deutsch: Burg Hohenzollern Türkçe: Stuttgart y...

Deutsch: Burg Hohenzollern Türkçe: Stuttgart yakınında Bisingen belediyesinde bulunan Hohenzollern Kalesi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is another writing gem, from Jeff Doak, Application Developer for Sprint Nextel. He currently resides in Rome, NY, and has interests in music, nature, lifetime learning, programming. Lives with wife, three kids, cat, hermit crab, and fish. Check his “neglected” website.

Beautiful Scenery

Fall – my favorite time of year. Here in the Northeast U.S. it is a beautiful time of year. The snow is falling today, but not sticking. The wind has a chill to it, but not harsh. It is a great time for daydreaming and self reflection.

I find myself drifting in time to the days of my youth, even then this was my favorite time of year. I was in Germany then, but the climate was much like it is here. The scenery is excellent. I recall my walks and jogs through the woods there and the brief conversations with the locals. The man I never saw before who gave me a walking stick he had meticulously and painstakingly carved himself. The woman who remarked how beautiful the scenery was at the beginning of one of my strolls. The girl who had a crush on me, but I was to young and shy to notice. The magnificence of Neu Schwannstein castle.

I also am swept to the more solemn times. The visit to Dacau where I was overwhelmed by the smell of death in the air brought out by the rain. The memories of the Berlin wall before it later was brought down. The Russian solders at the train station that stood a pace apart the entire length of the stopped train. The visit to the large hill outside of Stuttgart that had been erected from the rubble of the post-war crushed city. And of course the cross at the top, large enough to see from a mile away that stated something to the affect of “Never again”.

Much has changed. I have a family and between them and my job I find little time for reflection, but it sure is nice when I can. Please take the time yourself to reflect on life, current and past, because reflection is one of the true rewards for being human.

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