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barbecueIn our life, music has a great impact. Moreover, if you think about it deeply, then you will see that the music actually runs rioting on our life cycle daily. If you are intelligent and observant, then you will like to use the power of music in your life as well. Actually, the main feature of the music is that it penetrates in our blood and it has a unique ability to record the musical sequence in our gene as well. Let’s find out about the best 5 ways to use music:


Music has a unique power for stimulating your sexual power. The reason is that the rhythmic string of the music has a great influence on the sexual activity. Actually, it is happened due to increase the sexual hormone secretion in our body through the music strings as well. When the music enters through our ears, then it hits on the nervous system and after that, it will send the electrical impulse on the hormone glands for releasing the sexual hormone as well. Actually, if you look at your sexual pattern over the time, then you will see that somehow your sexual pattern is heavily influenced by the sound. Moreover, you will require getting artificial help for stimulating the sexual urge in your body.

It is observed that some kinds of music strings stimulate the sexual urge in us in such a way that you will never know it consciously. Rather, it works subconsciously in your mind as well. There are the different types of pitches in the music. Therefore, it is possible that you will get the pitch’s vibration in your body, which will ultimately bring your sexual desire as well. You should know that all pitches will not bring your desired wanting. Rather, it will depend on the particular pitches, which will help you to get the sexual urge and happiness. When you are engaged in any sexual activity, then you should play any music, which will bring sexual appetite, and you can fulfill your desire as well.


Since, education increases our intelligence and decision making ability in our life. However, education needs itself some kind of stimulation for performing. Nevertheless, in the case of education, it also needs retention power and concentration as well. Music will provide extra boost in this case. Actually, if you do cramming for your subject studies and you listen music in the background, then your mind will be less stressful and active as well. Music will give you extra concentration for your studies if you listen music during your studies, then you will see that your performance in studies have been increased significantly as well. If you listen the romantic music during your studies time, then you will see that your performance in science subject has been increased significantly as well.


You should know that cooking is an art itself. Therefore, you will require for making the cooking more palatable. Therefore, in this case, you have to take the help from the music. The reason is that cooking will be more enjoyable when you will listen the music in the background as well. The reason is that cooking needs concentration and application skill, so music itself increases it.

Household jobs

When you will do your household chores on the daily basis, then you should listen music during your daily household chores. Actually, doing the household jobs is very much boring and frustrating as well. Therefore, you will need some kind of relief as well. It is observed that women in the house are more influenced than men by the music. The reason is that women always prefer to be free themselves from any kind of stressful activity, which are boring as well. Actually, the bored mind will never do well for any person.


If you take your dinner with your family, then it will come handy for yourself as well. It will work heavily on your family bonding. The reason is that if any member of your family is mentally upset, then music at the dinner table will bring some kinds of relief to the person. Moreover, the family peace will be intact as well. When you play the music at the time of dinner, then you will observe that the mood of your family members will be changed in the significant manner as well. Even the upset member of your family will also simile again.

Therefore, the importance of music in our daily life is vital that we could not ignore or underestimate it as well. Rather, we can take the help from the music for making our life more active and lively as well.

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  • amber
    24 October, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    I love listening to music when I am at work. Not only it relaxes me, but I feel great, and I am more productive!

  • ash 8 November, 2013 at 5:29 am

    Music can certainly a huge impact in many parts of our lives. It helps me when working sometimes,and also pumps me up for going out to a party. There are so many uses for music it is amazing! It really is a great tool!
    ash recently posted..Famous Magicians 2013My Profile

  • Manuel Marino
    4 February, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Music is the King and Queen of any Art form, well, I’m a musician, so probably it’s obvious. Anyway, the feeling of immense, infinite, freedom and God as well can’t really be created so well in other Arts. What do you think?
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Music of the 50sMy Profile

  • Manuel Marino
    4 February, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Lately I’m working on a roleplaygame and I know that coders and graphic guys work while listening to the game soundtrack. Aboslutely a great way for hype and feel enthusiast about the game job!
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Music of the 50sMy Profile

  • Paul
    17 February, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Music is my life, so I usually have it on in the background. If I’m trying to read something which is remotely intensive then I can find music with lyrics/vocals distracting. Therefore I have a few massive instrumental playlists saved on Spotify which are nice to have on in the background but don’t distract me as much.

    Ha I even have a thing where I feel like I’m wasting my time if I’m working without having music on in the background. Maybe it’s just me…

  • Manuel Marino
    24 May, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    probably it’s because music can really help a lot to focus on a task. It relaxes and excites you at the same time, giving you energy.
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Remember Indie Artists: Tell A Compelling Story With Your BiographyMy Profile

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