When you have played a 4 string bass guitar before, you may love playing a 5 strings. The 5 string variety is gaining in popularity by the day as bass players tend to be demanding a wider variety of sound with out move up and down the fretboard. Five string bass guitars began their rise in the late 80’s because of the darker and thicker sounding music that features progressed to the current times. A 5 string bass guitar is simply a 4 string with one added B string on the top. The strings tend to be closer together and you will maneuver around the throat with ease. A 5 string additionally makes it easier to play tracks with fall D tuning also.

If you’re a new comer to the bass electric guitar in general, beginning on a 5 string won’t hurt you. It will also make a transition to a 4 string bass very simple if you ever need play one. Obviously buying both a 4 and 5 string bass is the best of both globes if you can pay for it.

When buying a 5 string bass, the old saying is true. You obtain everything you buy. The greater expensive the bass, the higher the quality, features and sound. This doesn’t mean there are maybe not entry level designs available which will fit your needs. Before buying your very first 5 string bass, you should review some reviews. Reviews can be bought on various amounts of internet sites or in bass guitar discussion boards. For those who have a local music shop in your area, most will let you attempt one out on the floor associated with store as well. Pay close attention to the experience and also the noise for the bass and also make certain it really is tune and stays in track.

A few trusted online retailers are usually a good option to find the best rates on 5 strings. Also eBay constantly holds much inventory of utilized and slightly utilized 5 string thumpers. Absorb the seller’s feedback and also make sure to see photos and acquire the healthiness of the bass. For outdated models, you can often go directly to the manufactures website and review previous guides to find the features included on bass. Just because a bass is discontinued, does not mean it’s a bad bass. Manufactures are simply upgrading the design and enhancing the workmanship. My favorite 5 string bass is the one that was manufactured in the early 90’s.