The Ladies Who Shaped the Pop Music Charts of the 80s

The Ladies Who Shaped the Pop Music Charts of the 80s

English: Janet checking her mike...2006 press ...

English: Janet checking her mike…2006 press conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you weren’t around in the 1980s, you might wonder what women helped shape the pop music charts of that decade. And even if you were around during that time, we bet you wouldn’t mind taking a stroll back through time to highlight some of the female singers who were pop sensations. Keep reading to learn about some of the top ladies who helped set the stage for Britney Spears and other acts in the 1990s and beyond.

Top Female Pop Sensations of the 80s

Here’s a look at several specific female performers who really made an impact in the 1980s and beyond. A lot of these women are still making music today, but here’s a look at the female pop music charts of the 80s.

  • Madonna – Who can forget the Material Girl? Like a Virgin was one of her hits, but she had so many it’s hard to keep track of them all the time. We dare you to try to name your favorite Madonna song of the 1980s!

  • Janet Jackson – Another strong female performer who really made it big in the 80s was Janet Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson, the king of pop. Janet had her own moves, and really shook up the pop music scene in a good way with her hits.

  • Sinead O’Connor – Yes, another female singer who shaved her head. Remind you of anyone recently? Anyway, there’s no denying that Sinead O’Connor deserves a place on our list of the top female singers of the 80s.

  • Paula Abdul – When it came to dancing on stage and in music videos (which were new at the time), there was no one like Paula Abdul. She really knew a lot about choreography and was able to dance her way to the top.

  • Tina Turner – Private Dancer. Need we say more? Tina Turner was a bit older in the 1980s, but she still knew how to bring it. She had a few hits in the 1980s that really shook up the pop music charts in a good way. Private Dancer came out in 1984, and after that she had several hits. Can you name them all?

When you look at the list of names above, it’s easy to see why so many men and women think the 1980s were special – especially musically. These powerful female performers were able to make their mark on the music world and change the scene for years to come. Think we missed someone? Leave their name or the name of the group below so we can make sure we have all the top women singers of the 1980s. Thanks!

Written by: Sara Stark heard someone say “watch it here,” and she was blown away by the music video she saw online. She’s been making music since she was six years old. She started with the piano, but she’s also learned to play the trumpet, flute and guitar.

Tattoo Artists Become Celebrities in the Biker World

Tattoo Artists Become Celebrities in the Biker World

Bikers have developed a distinctive culture all their own.  This has lead to a amount of stereotypes that are wrong and occasionally really down right disrespectful.  In the 1950s and 60s, bikers were portrayed as violent thugs and miscreants.  Believe it or not, few bikers are really in vicious motorcycle gangs.  In more latest years, tattoos have become synonymous with bikers.  It’s difficult to go to a rally and not see tattoos covering half the crowd, although they differ from simple markings to very intricate big body pieces.  These functions of art have become an key piece of motorcycle culture and have led to the rise of the quantity of celeb tattoo artists.

One quite well-known artists in the globe rose to fame in latest years.  Kat Von D initially appeared found on the planet stage on The Learning Channel’s Miami Ink series.  After her split within the show, she got her own store and show, LA Ink, which currently runs on TLC.  Kat started her profession as a tattoo artist at simply 16 years of age.  She honed her abilities over years before venturing out on her own.  Her rise to fame and fortune has authorized her to venture into additional facets of the industry, including an exclusive tattoo cover-up makeup.  Kat lately introduced a book called “High Voltage Tattoo” that chronicles her function and journey through the globe of body art.  Folks planning to receive tattooed by Von D should program perfectly advance and be prepared to invest a great deal of cash.

Another distinguished name in the tattoo and bicycle globe is Corey Hart.  Many folks recognize of Hart from his great performances in extreme motocross sports.  He created his initial fortune by racing dirt bicycles.  Hart decided to follow his interest in tattoos and partnered with friend John Hunting to open a store in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This store, Hart & Huntington, is the topic of the tv show called Inked that airs on A&E.  The show has been very favored and qualities a diverse gathering of artists.  Hart & Huntington seems to cater to the lavish celeb crowd, but people walk in seeking to receive tattooed.  If you’re planning on going to the store, be prepared to shell out a good amount of change because their team doesn’t function inexpensive.

Relive The Memories Of your Favourite Artist with Celebrity Impersonators

Relive The Memories Of your Favourite Artist with Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are both a blessing and a boon to fans and entertainment likewise. Additionally frequently well-known as impressionist, look-alikes and tribute artists, their presence is a representation of famous personas that have touched the hearts of tens of millions of individuals now.

The drive within the people to reminisce and commemorate a star very people who experienced passed away has resulted towards the emergence of celeb glimpse-alikes. Finally, impersonating a celeb, whether dead or alive, furthermore became a well-known amusement and is welcomed through the community with open arms. Due to the truth then, more and more impersonators have appeared to when again relive the beauty nights of well-known personas.

The famous Elvis Presley is said to have the most number of impersonators. Elvis impersonators are in need in numerous stage shows, casinos and concert halls worldwide, incredibly because Elvis has big numbers of fans around the planet. Who could ever overlook the King of rock and roll n roll? His music became like a relatives heirloom which has been handed directly down from 1 generation towards the future that even with this present age and time, his name nonetheless electrifys individuals from all ages and sends them found on the trip directly down reminiscence lane. A lot of celeb impersonators are incomes handsomely expected to the requirement with all the community to determine a performance reenactment that usually allow those to rekindle the joy and fun of viewing their idol spine on stage all over again.

Apart from Elvis impersonators, a developing amount of impressionists have been noted to become accomplishing the Michael Jackson impersonation. Michael Jackson’s popularity is an extra legend that ended in the tragic ending, exiting a superior deal of grief-stricken fans damaged-hearted. The King of pop has grabbed the hearts of numerous through his music and signature fly strikes. Michael Jackson impersonators are becoming well-known as persons tried to cling to the memories quite beloved king of pop. As his unforeseen demise has been refreshing within the memories of his fans, nearly all of your performances on his behalf are primarily conducted as tribute to him. To some planet that has scarcely ever experienced enough of Michael Jackson, his impersonators are definitely a coronary heart-warming legacy to his fans.

Aside from Elvis and Michael, you’ll discover many alternative celebrities that are getting impersonated also. Several of them are Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Shania Twain, and other people. Much like the true blue icons, the star impersonators additionally elicit their own fans. They create a total time dwelling by foremost this kind of lifestyle. Even though they provide entertainment to people, they furthermore set off nostalgic memories of iconic personas.

One with all the best services of celeb impersonators is Royal Talent. They provide school A performers for tv, movie, stage, casinos, theaters, fairs, festivals, firm gatherings and company shows. Royal Talent began out in 2003 and became 1 within the leaders in the leisure industry with customers all above the world that comprise of significant casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Fortune 500 companies, along with a great deal of different hotels in every components within the world. It can be done to visit their webpage at for extra details.

Singapore Arts Festival? Celebration of Asian artistic productions and performances

Singapore Arts Festival? Celebration of Asian artistic productions and performances

Singapore’s miniature size makes up in every technique for the abundant entertainment and commercial solutions, creating a true haven for both the leisure and company traveller. The nation’s multi-cultural society presents a colourful show of flamboyant works and performances while as a commercial hub it draws global organisations who not just transact company but employ Singapore as a base for meetings and conferences.

Singapore is additionally house to a thriving vibrant cultural scene interspersed with escapades surrounding the arts like festivals, cultural occasions, theater and drama. The cosmopolitan nature of the city has not prevented the wealthy Asian history to imbue the creative spaces. Among those noteworthy of the see are the museums, operating groups, the orchestras as well as the numerous centres focused on the arts that dot this tiny island.

Begun in the late 1970s as a platform to commend the country’s localized creative skill, the Singapore Arts Festival’s origins is traced. Under the aegis of the National Arts Council, the festival has grown in stature and is an event looked forward to in the artisan calendar. Today it is very considered the most crucial and biggest staging of the arts for various flock to the yearly month lengthy event including theater, dance, music and graphic arts.

As a platform to motivate and popularize artists, the system for the festival ranges from modern modern conceptions to the classics. Its primary strategic part is to offer performers the required exposure before launching in the worldwide musical circuit. Not only Singaporean performances but different Asian works can create a kaleidoscope of presentations infusing a really Asian ambiance to the gathering.

Those exploring the festival usually have the chance to mingle with all the artists themselves at the town focused on the fiesta.

A carnival like ambiance usually prevail with food and drink as well as the perfect location to see some lined up occasions that are free.