New Album – Lost Island

New Album – Lost Island

I just released my new Trance music album: Lost Island. You can find it here:







and in many other digital outlets worldwide, just search in any search engine!


And if you don’t have time to search, buy, browse etc etc don’t worry. Here you can listen to the Long Edit Mix. Have a nice listen!

Let me know your ideas about it! I made a Crowd Review on ReverbNation:

Generally, listener reaction to this song was very positive. When asked to rate this song on a scale from 1 to 10, reviewers reported a 8.2 on average, which ranks this song in the 99th percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review. Most listeners rated your song a 9, and did want to hear your song again after listening to it once. When reviewing your song, the most commonly selected words were music, good, nice, hear, beat. According to a sentiment analysis of those written reviews, listener comments were generally neutral. Based on the results of this study, this song is exceptional, and clearly ready for radio and promotion.

Dance salsa with style and elegance

Dance salsa with style and elegance

Everything you need to have is a positive attitude, some determination and some time and energy to practice. Combining these characteristics could make you a perfect salsa dancer. To really make it more perfect, you ought to have a good salsa dancer lover to you. Salsa is not boring as they can be danced in many different means. Its fundamental steps follow two moves such as forward and backwards guidelines with the partners continuously encircling each other. Your lover should be perfect in almost every manner as it’s fundamentally a couple of party.

Discovering salsa party partner can be quite enjoyable available both mentally and literally and making your confidence and physical fitness large. Great salsa performers let their unique character originate through their particular dancing. So, at the time of discovering salsa party, not be afraid to carry your personality through and totally show it inside dance. In fact, you’re encouraged to produce your dance around it. Most likely, dance is a performing art of self expression. One of many beautiful aspects of salsa dance could be the individual expression that comes through. While you’re watching salsa, there are a lot of colors, types, unique moves and many imaginative expressions.

Salsa dancing can be extremely challenging because you will be dancing together with your partner in usually an easy paced tempo. Furthermore, experience dancers might consist of some really acrobatic but elegantly executed moves. Consequently, should you want to be a good salsa dancer, take notice of the great dancers and learn their techniques, designs, elegance, style and personality. When you will find out and try out forms of excellent dancers, you will be an improved performer your self over time. Exhaustion and lack of health and fitness may result in unwanted accidents and accidents during performance. Consequently, all performers tend to be urged not just to practice a-dance partner form, and ought to strike the gymnasium to be able to enhance by themselves.

Dance in the roads of Jamaica

Dance in the roads of Jamaica

Dance within the roads of Jamaica is amongst the most useful ways to feel the tradition associated with the local people. Because tourism plays a crucial role when you look at the earnings associated with the nation, numerous residents be a part of street dance as a way of life. For this reason, a number of the dancehall music occasions that are scheduled to occur within local leisure centres are relocated to the roads of Jamaica during the day or evening. What’s more it is possible for one to hop on Jamaica routes to have the atmosphere on your own.

Neighborhood and international guest DJs are asked to obtain the street party started with authentic noises of Jamaican music (particularly ska, reggae and dancehall). Several of the most famous Jamaican music genres started in identical roads where locals and travellers dance on these days. Travellers to Jamaica are certain to encounter genuine Jamaican design and noise, and enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere of this regional scene.

With virtually 40 distinct dancing types having both religious and secular definitions, Jamaican party offers vacationers an opportunity to encounter the main genuine social heritage of this countries. Many Jamaican dances could be categorised under African, European, and Creole beginnings.

But there are several contemporary and standard Jamaican dances that travellers can encounter while on vacation, including dancehall, Maroon, PukKumina (some madness!), Revival, Rastafari, Myal, Jonkonnu, Hosay, Skanking and Bogly.

Numerous old-fashioned Jamaican dances have Christian religious definition. Although, Hosay and Jonkonnu have actually ceremonial meanings, they have been regarded as secular dances to people of Jamaica.

Numerous Jamaican dances is supposed to be performed to traditional Jamaican songs types such reggae, dub music, ska and mento. Much like the roots of their dance customs, numerous Jamaican music rhythms stem from other countries including Europe, the Caribbean Islands and Africa.

As a result, travellers might hear Jamaican music styles, eg soca, rapping, calypso, jungle songs and enthusiasts rock. Modern road dances in Jamaica might integrate raggamuffin or ragga music as a sub-genre to both reggae and dancehall songs combined.

Exactly what would a Jamaican dance party be without additional enjoyable regarding side-lines? Both neighborhood suppliers and natives are always ready for dancehall events being held out-of-doors. Because of this, numerous locals and business people will sell genuine food and drinks, neighborhood art work and T-Shirts.

Locals usually invite vacationers to play table games as a break from dancing. The knowledge of dance in streets of Jamaica provides many travellers with an unforgettable memory that will last for years ahead.

Will you be a-dance enthusiast or simply just trying to encounter something special, rhythmic and joyful? Use trip comparison resources to get much on routes to Jamaica and don’t forget to bring your dance shoes.

What Are Human Rights

What Are Human Rights

Download now You Don't Have to Fight, (The Human Rights Song)

As defined in Wikipedia, Human Rights are moral principles that set out certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law.

So what are Human Rights? They are “commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.” Human rights are thus conceived as universal (applicable everywhere) and egalitarian (the same for everyone).

Unfortunately, Human Rights are not defended in parts of the world where people struggle to daily survive.

I wrote this song You Don’t Have to Fight, to support Human Rights anytime and anywhere in the world, for anyone.

You Don’t Have to Fight, because you have these rights on principle and you should be respected just as human being first of all without the need to fight or to ask for them!

This song is free for you to download and you are authorized by myself (its composer and author) to download it.


Here are my words in my song (performed by myself):

Title: You Don’t Have to Fight (The Human Rights Song)



When every other thing goes wrong
And you don’t know how go on

It will never take so long
And you will sing this one song

Because you just have on principle



You don’t have to fight
just to have your right

You don’t have to fight
in the darkest night

You don’t have to fight
keep your dreams alive


The Dance that Defines Hawaii

The Dance that Defines Hawaii

The Hula is a dance that has become synonymous with Hawaii and luaus, it is actually iconic so popular it is constantly depicted the same method in the media. You can think about it as the Hawaii dance. Almost all time you’ll see somebody creating the movements of the dance –  moving their hips in the way they are moving, while simultaneously moving the arms in a wave motion towards mentioned way –  normally on a tv show with a Ukulele playing in the background, and somebody saying/singing “aloha-hay aloha-hoi” or other sayings. A part in Disney’s The Lion King, for illustration, featured it in a comedic fashion.

Hula is a dance that is accompanied by singing or chanting in the background. Funnily enough though, not people, even Hawaiians, learn about the origins of the Hula. For instance there is not a information on the the initial hula dance, although it’s mentioned that the dance was developed by the Polynesians, who were the authentic settlers of the island a time lengthy before the island was seriously populated by westerners and became a element of America, and is today an island filled with Hawaii apartments. The chanting or Singing is known as a ‘mele’ plus they both accompany each additional well, as they are a shape of correspondence of what exactly is happening.

There are different designs of Hula, but the most commonly known kinds are the Ancient hula as well as the auana.  Ancient hula is the kind that has conventional chanting and instruments, it was the shape of dance done before western encounters with Hawaii and is sometimes known as ‘Kahiko’. This kind of Hula is what numerous regarded as a religious ceremony, or perhaps a shape of dance which was to praise and honour chiefs. Performances had to be correct as even a minor mistake might result in the performance appear invalid and can even be interpreted as bad chance or perhaps a omen.

This is why for this shape of hula dancers were secluded while training, and are mentioned to be blessed within the goddess Laka, and it really is just in the ceremony of achievement that they emerge off their secluded status. Kahiko remains done now as well as the conventional look remains graced found on the Hula dancers. Funnily enough the chants were not put down in created shape, they have been passed down orally for years.  The chants told stories of many topic issues ranging from creation, mythology, royalty and other points.

The auana is a modified contemporary adaptation of hula which has been seriously influenced by Western society, this might be the hula that has the musical instruments that everyone now has associated to the Hula, including the Ukulele, the guitar as well as the double bass. You could say it was influenced by Christian morality and melodic tranquility. The hula nevertheless relates to the same kind themes and stories but today has more contemporary stories to represent. The costumes don’t need to follow a conventional as there is a flexibility of choice, for illustration girls that are a slow and graceful dancers may wear formal clothing like mu’umu’u and guys can wear a sash, whilst if there was clearly a more feisty track then they can pick to wear more revealing attire.

An Introduction to Latin Dance

An Introduction to Latin Dance

Introduction to Social Latin Dances

If you need to become a effectively rounded Salsero or Salsera, it’s significant to have an learning of all Latin dance and music. We is exploring a some of the prominent dances now and analyze why they are beneficial for your salsa abilities, moves, and techniques. This post concentrates on the social fashion Latin Dances. This differs compared to Ballroom Latin Dance which consists of five certain styles: rumba, samba, paso doble, cha-cha-cha, and jive.


Merengue is a dance within the Dominican Republic, frequently mentioned as the National Dance of D.R. Like several music designs in D.R., merengue was “country music”. The music is credited to a Nico Lora, whom created it in the 1920s and called it after meringue, a dessert from egg whites and glucose. Merengue’s early years started in brothels and bars found on the valley area around Santiago, formally called the Cibao. With its humble yet nefarious beginnings, efforts to ban merengue in significant society proven effective until the 1930s. Under the direction of Rafael Trufillo from 1930-1961, the dance was imposed on all degrees of society sufficiently squelching the additional nationwide music types, like Bachata. Trujillo appreciated this code as it talked to him about humble beginnings, himself from a remote location. Many tunes during his dictatorship were composed to praise his virtues and contributions to the country.

So why is this significant for a salsa dancer? It’s a free practice. Many persons simply sit out during merengue. The same is mentioned for bachata, or cha-cha. Dancing merengue assists you perfect the leads and hand positions. In all regions of training, should you will do anything gradually and perfectly, it takes small time before that you can do it swiftly.

Jumping right into full speed may embed bad techniques and practices into your dance.


Bachata is another dance within the Dominican Republic, with topics of forlorn emotion, romance, and heartbreak. Bachata is the equivalent of the Blues in America, most same themes are discussed and have synonymous resolutions including searching for yourself at the bottom of the bottle. You can know bachata for the predominant employ of the electrical guitar which plucks out the principal rhythm, generally an 8 note run. An development within the Bolero, bachata has had much achievement in clubs in latest years.

Bachata is a more intimate dance but it can assist you discover the body code of Latin dance. You usually feel the all-natural motion of every additional and just how to correctly lead and follow. To become a greater dancer you need to become multifaceted. It’s not enough to learn how to a bunch of moves, or how to show off. You should establish a connection with your partner so it feels like a dance and not a test of ability. So take the essence of bachata, the sensuality and connection, and apply them in your dance.

Cha Cha

Cha Cha, initially called Cha-Cha-Cha, is a Cuban music/dance derivative of the mambo. This musical design is straight attributed to composer Enrique Jorrin for creating danzons with an focus on his cha-cha-cha syncopation. Jorrin himself has called the tunes “creatively modified danzones” with all the onomatopoeic mantle of Cha-Cha-Cha  stemming within the sound the dancers’ feet produced during this step.

Cha cha is a boring dance for people not perfectly versed in it but I have watched initially hand what awesome salseros could do with this dance. While various salsa moves function with it, and there are a lot of Cha Cha certain moves, 1 objective for social cha cha is excellence of technique. With the addition of the chachacha syncopation to add numerous spins, many shines, fancy footwork, hand styling, and Cuban Hip motion during the simple step. It helps then to make use of Cha Cha as a time to practice your technique and your musicality. As you practice it more and more you are able to deviate within the limit of doing the simple for a entire track. Play with all the beat and highlight polyrhythms as you dance. So place some cha cha on your iPod and ask the DJ to play some at the club and have fun. Losing yourself in the music is a superior thing in the event you do it right.


Samba is a lot like a sister to Salsa but with different faces; from party going exhibitionist to regal heiress of ballroom. It is lively and rhythmic and full of passion and steeped in history. While having a stake in the ballroom dance globe, Samba is very different in its homeland of Brazil. Throughout the politically tumultuous history of Brazil, Samba has been a unifying and glue-like element, delivering people together irrespective of social or cultural group.

Samba’s origins originate, as with much music in the New World, with all the arrival of slaves to South America. The rhythmic knowledge from Angola mixed with all the Portuguese and alternative Iberian melodic and harmonic instrumentation. While several similarities of the slave trade exist between North America and South America, the music designs vary greatly, mostly due to Brazilian slave masters permitting the history of their African slaves to continue. In North America, this was mostly stifled for worry of correspondence between slaves.

Samba is amazing for functioning on individualizing your design. And at Carnival (Carnaval), which Samba No Pe is many acknowledged for, it’s all about fashion and being flashy. Much of the movements accentuate characteristics of masculinity and femininity. It’s not about the bodily connection but more info on psychological connection. Samba No Pe may frequently be a pursuit from afar where the guy usually dances around the girl, whilst she accentuates her hips and shoulders enticingly. It is the simple theme of the chase that is inherent in countless dances and different art types. Samba de gafieira is a more intimate connection as well as the chase is mostly changed with leading and following. The all-natural rhythmic variations between samba and salsa equally provide rise to many styling choices with all the hips and footwork.