5 Great Reasons Music Cuts Stress

5 Great Reasons Music Cuts Stress

SXSW Music 2011 - Austin, TX

SXSW Music 2011 – Austin, TX (Photo credit: Kris Krug)

Stress is the big annoyance for every human. The reason is that it makes the person more vulnerable to himself or herself as well. Actually, in the reality, stress gives more diseases and disturbances in human body also. If you are in the continuous stress, then your performance will be deteriorated. Moreover, you will face the negative feedback in your work as well. Since, the stress is works on the human mind first and then it will work on the human body. Therefore, we will need the first treatment on the human mind. Actually, the human mind is very much delicate and soft. Therefore, we require the process for making relaxing the mind.

In this case, music is the ultimate balm for the wounded soul. Practically, music is the combination of the rhythms, which strikes our mind very precisely. The reason is that the power of music always enters into the subconscious area of our mind. Thereafter, it follows through the other parts of our body. Actually, it garners the stress related particles from our body and discharges it through our daily activities as well. Logically, it discharges our negative emotion from our body. You may think that how music cuts stress. It is the simple process of converting the sound energy into electrical energy. When music gets into the ear, then it converts into the electrical energy. This electrical energy transport through the nervous system.


It is true that music first strikes on the nervous systems and then it makes the brain pulses to coordinate accordingly. Moreover, the chemical transportation in the nervous system gets the high momentum when the music begins to show its power. Therefore, the tired nerves get solace from music itself. Actually, it minimizes its high activities and slows its performance as well. Therefore, the condition of the relaxation rises to the horizon.

In this state, the effect of stress gets its low level. Moreover, the stress will be minimized as well. If you deeply think, then you will see that music never goes through the straight lines. Rather, it goes through the branches in the nervous system. Therefore, the effect of the music will be very powerful and the person under stress will be on the way of recovery from the stress problem. In this case, music augments the chance of relaxation as well.


Music is a meditation itself. If you love it very much, then you will see that music will take you to the subconscious meditated state where you will be free from any kind of stress as well. When you will engross with the rhythms of music, then you will see that your mind is going into the deep reflective thought as well. This kind of condition will make your stress nowhere and you will be able to concentrate more on your life as well.

Actually, meditation soothes our nervous system in the bigger way and it automatically adjusts with our normal life as well. Actually, meditation will take you into the deep thought for long time and make your mind standstill for the moment as well. This kind of state will give you more stability in your life and your stress will say goodbye from your life. One interesting point for music is that it will create a different world when you are engrossed yourself with music.


Sometimes, you will see that some music will help you to move your body in the higher speed and this kind of music will generate elation in your mind as well. Therefore, you will be in a stress free mood. This state will give you full coolness in your personality and it will increase your performance level as well. It will give you great happiness in your life as well. Actually, this kind of happiness will make things better in your surroundings, which will ultimately help you to get away from stress.


Music will add the feelings of refreshment in your mind. The reason is that when you are working your daily chores, then you can play music in your background. It will help you to get away from your stress during your working time as well.


One big advantage of music is that it will bring maturation in your thinking. The reason is that every bit of music will store in your nervous system as a stress free particle and it will start to work when you are prone to the stress attack. These particles will mature your thinking ability as well.

Therefore, you stress will be cut when you will take music as your companion in your life and it will always give you total fulfillment in your life as well.

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How the music and soul interconnected

How the music and soul interconnected

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The study of ‘how music and soul are interconnected’ has been a topic of interest for many. Research has found that music has strong effects on both our physical and mental health. Music has a special power that touches our spirit and stirs our emotions. Music is considered as a combination of Science and Art. Tansen, a brilliant musician of the 16th century who lit the lamps by singing Raga Deepak is a very good example to show the profound effects of music. Today, more and more doctors are using music to help their patients stay healthy and for a speedy recover from illness. It helps fight depression and has a soothing effect on our minds. The traditional Classical and Hindustani music have positive effects on the body, mind and soul of the singer as well as the listener. Following are some of the effects music can have on our physical and mental health.

Fights depression

Feeling sad, inactive or uncomfortable? Good music can soothe your mind. Symptoms associated with depression include weakness, headache, lack of concentration and the mind’s inability to plan and execute tasks. Depression is a result of decrease in serotonin levels of the brain. Silent musical notes help in more production of Serotonin, thus keeping your mental depression at bay. Natural music notes are known to activate the brain. Soothing music reminds you the happy moments or good days and such good memories make you healthy.

Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety is a kind of fear that masks your mind and frightens you about the outcome of an upcoming event. Unwanted worries and stress lead you to sleepless nights. Extended periods of anxiety may prove fatal to your health. But, music has the power to control anxiety. It takes away every factor associated with anxiety and makes you feel better. Flat musical notes soothe the body nerves, make the mind relaxed and induce sleep.

Improve learning skills

Music has a great influence on our learning and thinking abilities. Cool, good music increases your productivity at office as well as at home. Music helps you in developing positive attitude and stay motivated. Research has shown that certain kinds of music can help students to perform better academically. Listening to soothing music while doing complicated tasks, can make you feel the task easier.

Develops confidence

Lack of self confidence and interest to learn something is the main reason behind a failure. Students performing poor academically do not necessarily lack the ability. It’s their lack of motivation or very less interest in the subjects that are responsible for their poor academic performance. Music lessons added to their curriculum can help the students improve their learning skills. Music encourages young children to explore new fields. It helps them in developing self confidence.

Improves concentration levels

Music has the ability to improve your concentration levels. Classical music is helpful in increasing memory. It has been found to be effective in treating Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who lack memory. Studies have reported that the silence between two musical notes activates the brain cells which are the important elements for the development of strong memory. Instrumental music that includes flute, sarod and veena are known to improve your concentration and memory levels. Classical music helps in extracting the information stored in the brain in the form of memory.

Increases Creativity

Music has a great influence on the right side of the brain which deals with creativity. Certain Ragas of music are known to stimulate the chakras of our body, thus giving us an opportunity to showcase our talent. Music helps you develop skills that are essential for tackling tough situations, cracking puzzles and taking decisions. Listening to Mozart’s music increases spatial and abstract reasoning skills which makes you smarter.

Pain killer

According to studies, good music stimulates the body to release endorphins which act as natural pain killers. It also has the ability to draw your focus away from the pain and makes you relaxed.

Brings together people of different religion

Music is an international language that brings together people of different culture, nationality and religion.

Help patients with cancer

Music is known to reduce anxiety developed in cancer patients at the time of receiving radiation therapy. It also relieves nausea resulting from strong-dose chemotherapy.

Negative effects of music

Music at the same time can have some serious effects in the form of Tinnitus or hearing loss. Hearing loss can result while ears cannot accept music at high volumes or amplitudes.

Music played at very high volumes can alter the symmetry between the right and left halves of the brain. Exposure to harsh or disruptive music results in a disturbed state of mind.

So, the influence of music on your soul depends largely on the kind of music you choose to listen to. To reap the benefits of music, you should choose only good music.

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Negative or positive effects of music on your brain

Negative or positive effects of music on your brain

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Negative or positive effects of music on your brain

Music can make or mar your brain and your body. It helps in changing your mood, motivate to do a number of exercises and help you to recover from injuries. As per the number of research and studies, music affects brain or mind in both positive and negative ways. Though there are a number of positive implications over your brain with music but at the same time you can see few negative impact of music over human mind, which are worth knowing. Music has the power to make you free from the stress and fatigue and thus make you feel better and strong. Also, as per research music has certain calming and soothing impact over your mind along with being the best source to get rid of certain ailments as well. In short it has more of positive impact over your mind rather than the negative ones. So let’s check some of the positive and negative effects of music over your mind in the following paragraphs.

Makes your brain sharp and increases concentration

As per studies, music helps in increasing the concentration levels in human brains thus making it sharper and smarter. It helps in increasing the memory levels of patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer. As per reports, the silence between the musical notes simply boost up the brain cells that helps in developing sharp memory.  The music coming from older instruments like Flute, Sarod and Santoor are recommended often to improve the memory and concentration power. The classical music helps in improving the ability to recall things and retains the same in your brain for long. The strong beats in music simply help in resonating in synch with the help of beats and thus enhance the mental alertness to a great extent. Lastly, with learning music you increase the self discipline inside your brain.

Increases your creativity and problem solving abilities

Music has a big role to play in improving creativity inside your brain. Your right side of your brain can have positive impact along with triggering the central space of the brains that deal with creativity. There are certain forms of classical music, which helps in activating certain areas inside your body that govern in making things smooth for carrying out a wide range of creative tasks.  Music also helps in increasing your abstract and spatial reasoning skills, which helps you a lot in handling difficult problems and puzzle solving or taking proper decisions at right time.  If you listen to the Mozart’s music you can have some of the most positive impact on your brains, which helps in enhancing the spatial temporal reasoning. In other words, you end up turning smarter.

Loud music can hamper the symmetry in between the right and left halves of your brain

Unlike the way you have certain positive effects of music on your mind, there are few negative implications as well. Listening to a very loud music can hamper the symmetry seen over the right and the left halves of your brain. Too loud music can result into disturbed kind of state of mind. Too much of exposure and harsh kind of music at tender age can bring in problems of learning disabilities and certain behavior issues in your kids.

Too much music can lead to aggression

As per the experts, too much music listening can bring in the reduction of retention levels inside your brain, which lead to issues like hyperactivity and aggression. By hearing some heavily repeating kinds of musical patterns, you end up getting a feeling of boredom and even anger. Lastly too much of music can cause the issue of epileptic seizures that can bring in certain psychiatric complications.

Addresses certain psychological issues

One of the positive implications of music over your brain comes in the form of a treatment for certain mental conditions like depression, stress and anxiety. If you are feeling depressed and gloomy listening to any soothing music can really beat the depression, which helps in reducing the brain activity that hampers your mind. The lack of Serotonin and neurotransmitter inside your brain can bring the depression state; however, listening to soothing musical notes can really help in increasing these elements inside your mind and thus kill mental depression. At the same time it helps in beating the stress, which often brings in sleeplessness. The issues like anxiety disorders are sorted out very easily with the help of flat musical notes, which induces your sleep.

Final word

Music is often a great motivator and the best means to keep yourself in a right mood along with keeping your brain healthy. At the same time if you play and abuse with the music you may end up getting few negative impacts as well. So it depends the way you use it, if you use music in a healthy way you are bound to have positive effects or else it can hamper your brain in a negative way.

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Simplified Logical Philosophy of Moral Values

Simplified Logical Philosophy of Moral Values

Philosophy is a logical interpretation of moral values. It is an interconnection of moral and logic, combining moral values with logic or we may state that strategy is a logical conclusion of moral values. Philosophy without moral is a car without engine to drive, logic behind the strategy is the gas which forces it in motion.

In today’s environment where moral value and strategy is looked down to be older fashioned, unscientific theories which never have any area in today’s quick paced societies. This really is what we who lead a busy lifetime in contemporary comfortable planet think, the actual persons who shape this society at big. In this particular article ‘Logical Philosophy of Moral Values’ I’m not chatting to libraries, colleges, pupils of strategy along with a some intellectuals who absolutely learn over what I ever think of recognizing, for them strategy continues to be a modern topic of there lives, they reside with this strategy as a topic and object, however they really shape a fraction of society who just need to play a character on some times and reports, by and big they are sleeping piece of society that is neglected and ignored by contemporary styles in today’s society. Here I’m speaking to all active members of society at big, those who have lost logical sense of strategy and moral values. I’m expressing my views on logic, moral values and strategy concerning a usual guy, affecting each usual trend in society which effects us, the widespread guy who nonetheless forms a main element of society even now.

A well-known guy might not be worried with philosophical logic for moral values because it isn’t straight connected with achievement now. This doesn’t imply that these philosophical theories and there logic for moral values have ceased to exist or they’ve stopped functioning for them due to pollution and degrading environment. No, it isn’t thus, these principles and theories are a lot there and continue to be functioning the technique they actual do for decades. If we are ignorant or uninformed of its existence because we are preoccupied with complexities we have built for ourselves in the name of advanced technologies and advanced society with newest scientific discoveries, then we are at mistake. The logic of strategy and moral values are actively playing there part in our lives, awareness of there existence and capability may just create countless elements in our lifetime convenient to know. It might minimize the net of complexity, in which we are caught to some extent. Unawareness and ignorance of anything which exists and is live may cause unintentional injuries.

Morals and moral values are standard building blocks of everything live and surviving on this world. It is a foundation of everlasting wellness, riches and happiness in our life Logic on different hand is a tool which assists us to apply details in our lifetime, if there is not any logic in anything then we discover that thing difficult to apply. Things that have some logical value connected for them create a sense of urgency in our notice and we are inclined to follow them without any further delay. Moral values found on the additional hand are practically important but could not usually create a logical sense to us. This lack of logical sense makes it difficult and inconvenient for us to apply them, because today our notice isn’t providing a sense of urgency as it can’t discover any cause to do thus. So, moral values without logic could look wise to us but we have a bad record of implementing them.

Philosophy is a scientific art which adds the element of logic to moral values. Philosophy has the quality of moral values and nutrition of logic for our notice, which makes strategy a all-natural organic food that is convenient to process. So, we could state that strategy is a logical interpretation of moral values.

Eastern Philosophy 101

Eastern Philosophy 101

Eastern Philosophies including Buddhism and Taoism and Hindu have much to provide the west despite that their technique of perceiving the planet as well as the Universe is completely different from western strategy and thought. Western thought is full of dualism and dichotomies, but eastern thought and strategy is based found on the principle of oneness.

Western Philosophy traces its origins back to the Greeks, particularly Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Socrates frequently mentioned that he didn’t actually learn anything, so he constantly asked concerns to obtain truth. Socrates wrote nothing down, his student Plato wrote about Socrates and Plato moreover wrote his own thinking. Plato was an Essentialist, which basically signifies that he believed all knowledge resided inside his own being, in his soul in the event you usually. As an example, Plate believed that in the event you desired to change your tire found on the highway and you didn’t understand how, that by asking certain concerns inside your self like what do I need the vehicle off the ground to change the tire, you’d promptly determine that you want a lever of some point and therefore a auto jack. Plato also wrote about morality and knowledge.

Plato, in composing about Atlantis believed that with strategy must come a certain morality. Plato’s moral story of Atlantis, a culture with much technological understand how that turned to decadence and was ruined by the gods and their wrath to be thus decadent remains prevalent in religious appropriate thinking nonetheless for this day. As a matter of truth, Western Philosophy traces much of its origin to Church philosophers of the Medieval time period including Saint Augustine, who produced much of his thinking from Plato. The Church lent much within the Greeks and included their thinking into the Medieval Church and their thinking continues to be a lot alive in religious appropriate thinking now in America. The dichotomies of wise vs evil and free can vs God’s Will and God found on the outside or in Heaven while 1 exists separate from God is all in Western thought and strategy.

Another contrasting school of thought to Plato’s Essentialism is the strategy of existentialism, that is furthermore Western in thought and was born from the crisis of World war Two as well as the Holocaust. After the aftermath of those 2 horrific tragedies, countless Atheists were born and threw out Plato’s Essentialism as well as the strategy of Existentialism was born. Existentialism holds some precepts because one: lifetime is basically meaningless as well as the just meaning it has is the fact that which the individual ascribes to their own life; two: we are all mortal and death constantly stares us in the face driving us to to do what we should do before we die; three: 1 usually finds himself or herself alone in the globe with their own thoughts and feelings and there is a shape of isolation from others. There is a fourth powerful precept but this writer cannot remember just what it is. Existentialism is precisely the opposite to Plato’s Essentialism in the West.

Eastern Philosophies but, are a good alternative to Western Philosophy and thought plus Existentialism. Eastern Philosophies basing their birth in Buddhism, Taoism, and Hindu hold that everything is One. Oneness is the driving principle in Eastern Philosophy. There is not any God separate from human or animal existence. True their is a Higher Power, God with different names than “God” or Buddha or the Tao, in eastern strategy you’re a element of the cosmic entire. In additional words you may be a element of God or you may be Tao or you may be a small Buddha with a tiny notice while the cosmic entire is Big Mind. Eastern Philosophies do have variations, even in the different universities of synonymous thought like universities of Taoism and Buddhism.

One usual thing in Eastern Philosophies together with the idea of Oneness which is translated into “where do you allow off as well as the Universe start?” is the idea of energy. Taoists call it chi, hippies call it power and vibrations, Hindus believe in Chakras that are effective seats of stamina in the body. Taoists believe the same thing and believe that stamina is neutral and it flows through everyone and everything. This correlates well with Western scientific thought because Energy will neither be built nor ruined, it merely changes form and shape. Common to western thought is the belief that people are not ideal and God is. Humans in this technique of thinking have faults and imperfections or character problems or imperfections. Eastern philosophies do believe the same thing to an extent.

Certain components of the people character is dangerous to self and these have to be worked against, like laziness for an illustration. However, alternative “flaws” are just both assets and problems simultaneously. For instance, what a western thinker could call lust, an eastern philosopher would state that all wedding starts with lust. Additionally a perfectionist for illustration could have difficulty permitting himself or herself too create errors which will hinder one’s individual as 1 learns from creating errors, but perfectionism may equally be an asset in the workplace or as an artist or author. So from eastern strategy point of view assets and imperfections is just the same thing it just issues how they are addressed and used in one’s daily lifetime. Similarly contrasting to western belief in free will is the eastern philosophical view of Will. The west sees that we are all people that is certainly an ego that states “I” and “I” have choice and free will. Eastern philosophies hold that the ego serves as a division between yourself as well as the Universe or Tao or the Nameless One or Big Mind. In this means of thinking there certainly is not any free may their is merely Will. You are Tao or tiny notice or perhaps a piece of the Universe and what you do is merely a further extension of Universal Will.

To summarize, eastern strategy and thought is dramatically different from Western thought that is full of dualism and dichotomies. Eastern philosophies hold to the principle of Cosmic Oneness with all the Universe and obtain their technique of thinking from certain religious and religious traditions like Taoism, Buddhism and Hindu much like the west derives its means of thinking from Christianity and Judaism. Eastern philosophies moreover see the ego as a division between a self that thinks it exists aside within the Whole while western thinking holds that self is all there is. Eastern philosophies hold that the Universe or “God” IS while western philosophies see that people exist aside from a God who lives in a Heaven.

A Discussion of the Naturopath Philosophy of Health

A Discussion of the Naturopath Philosophy of Health

With all of the artificial drugs and strategy of covering the signs instead of marketing healthy living, the naturopath approach regained some legitimacy since the 1970s. This approach to medication stresses a holistic strategy and reliance on organic and treatments. Naturopathy espouses keeping the maximum balance and all-natural strength of the body through the idea of vitalism. These healers practice in 2 leading procedures, conventional all-natural medication and doctors utilizing all-natural techniques, that are qualified care services.

This approach originated according to some with Hippocrates, the historic Greek who is considered the dad of medication. But the contemporary variation started in the nineteenth century with all the Nature Cure movement, which advocated marketing advantageous wellness through all-natural diet, exercise and avoiding the utilization of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.

In the initial limited years of the twentieth century, this naturalistic view of healthcare treatment gained popularity in Europe, The United States, and Canada.

But with all the discovery of penicillin and alternative thus called question drugs, the pharmaceutical avenue became dominant as well as the recognition of all-natural medication declined. By the 1970s, persons started to take a brand-new consider alternative healing systems, and this theory reemerged from obscurity.

A doctor of the kind relies found on the utilize of nutrition, natural remedies, strain reduction, exercise as well as the bodies ability to heal itself and keep its wellness because lengthy because everything exists in its right balance. This view of cultivating ones optimum health is focused on all-natural herbs, entire foods along with a healthy life-style, and with identifying and removing the causes of disease. By comparison, mainstream medication concentrates on suppression of signs as well as the employ of pharmaceuticals.

Regular healthcare physicians (MDs) who practice western medication and highlight treating a people signs are occasionally well-known as allopathic physicians, while osteopathic physicians, or DOs, are synonymous, but take a more holistic approach. The holistic wellness movement, which sparked the renewed interest in all-natural medication, concerns the value of the entire program as well as the interdependency of its components.

Holism looks at the individual wellness factors and affects which affect ones wellness, including diet, ecological affects, and both exercise as well as the avoidance of over function. The initial consultation with a all-natural treatments therapist could include an interview about ones health history, a bodily exam, conversation of their life-style and anything distinctive about their bodily and psychological create up.

The specialist will then prescribe a treatment regimen based upon organic remedies, diet and lifestyle changes based on marketing the all-natural abilities of the people body to heal itself. This approach is regarded as vitalism, an historic belief in a important lifetime force, the spark of existence or soul, that is independent of the biochemical responses that contemporary research utilizes to evaluate wellness. Due to the strategy, healing through examining and adjusting ones existence force with acupuncture, sunshine, fresh air, massage, and meditation will be normal techniques.

The conventional naturopath represents 1 main group of practitioners, who focus found on the authentic values of the strategy. The different main sort are equally physicians, who in numerous nations are qualified by passing a board exam and are certified. Some doctors undergo training in treatments to supplement their abilities. While the general public is increasingly accepting this healthcare approach, the healthcare community considers it no over a pseudo research.