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People often find it amusing that a performer thrives on being on stage and delivering their lines, while a writer prefers to stay out of the limelight and let someone else deliver the lines. So, which role would you rather take on?

A performer should be an outgoing individual who genuinely wants to make people laugh. Some people possess this gift naturally, finding themselves surrounded by friends as they eagerly share jokes and bring laughter to those around them. However, if you do not possess this trait, do not lose hope. Often, it is the more introverted individuals who shine on stage, discovering that a different aspect of their personality emerges and takes charge in ways they never feel comfortable doing in everyday life.

A humor writer, on the other hand, would dread the idea of being the center of attention on stage. Such a situation would be their worst nightmare. They prefer to write when inspiration strikes, rather than being confined to a specific time slot for their delivery. While they may or may not enjoy sharing jokes with their friends, they undoubtedly love writing them. They find humor in every situation, even when their cat throws up on their new clothes at Christmas.

In contrast, a performer may never have an original funny thought. Yet, they might excel at bringing another person’s humorous writing to life. They may have an expressive face or gesture that evokes laughter, even if they only say a single word. Alternatively, they could be a master of maintaining a straight face, delivering their routine without cracking a smile and still causing the audience to burst into laughter. They possess the innate ability to make people laugh the moment they walk on stage, even making a simple menu reading sound comical.

So, which role do you aspire to take on? Or, more importantly, which one suits you best? The skills for each role are sometimes innate – you either have them, or you don’t. That is not to say that you cannot learn to be a comedian or a writer, but if you struggle to find humor in everyday situations, you might find being a comedic writer quite challenging.