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Manuel Marino Music Composer

James Devon Eyeguitar
Photo by Derek K. Miller

Nobody could really answer this query with a straight answer; it truly depends on you. There was once a famous Chinese foal who went around asking how deep the stream was but couldn’t get a definitive answer. Aunt Squirrel claimed it was deep enough to drown some of her family members, while Uncle Bull insisted it was shallow enough to barely cover his legs when he crossed it. The foal, needing an approximation, found a stick and measured himself against it. Then he used the same stick to compare himself with his interlocutors.

I once knew someone who had an extraordinary talent Marketing and Music: Any Song Can Become Famous? - Today let's dive into a topic that's been buzzing around a lot: the relationship between marketing and music. We all know that marketing plays a massive role in the music industry, but does it actually hold the power to make any track a hit? Or does talent still stand a chance? First off, let's address… for deciphering musical notes, effortlessly playing a dozen instruments without any formal training, yet never aspiring to be a musician What Is A Musician? - For some individuals, the role of a musician may be difficult to comprehend. They may struggle to understand: 1 - the nature of a musician's talent or job, 2 - why musicians work around the clock, and 3 - the concept of a fanbase and the boundaries musicians set with fans. Let's delve into each… . They had an exceptional sense of hearing and were a respected town instructor with a natural inclination for music.

I also witnessed an experiment where a music teacher offered basic singing lessons to an adult who had no musical ear. The student was asked to practice various exercises three times a week for several months, starting with producing mostly random sounds. Within two months, there was a noticeable improvement in his ability to produce and assess sounds.

Between these extreme situations, similar to most great performers, including your favorite musicians, I’m sure you have a love Artists Psychology - Here's an interesting exclusive article Roland d’Humières, 56 years old psycho-analyst from Aix en Provence (France) has written for our Weblog. I think it to be a very interesting writing about the artists psychology, or maybe "arts psychology", what's behind an artists mind. Artists Psychology Whatever is his/her Art, painting, music, dance, writing, or any… for music. So, don’t worry about counting the years of practice. Instead, enjoy practicing music in a meaningful way, such as attending concerts of your favorite bands regularly, incorporating it into your daily routine, and sharing the experience with your friends. You can also delve deep into learning about your musical idols. If every moment spent with a guitar in your hands brings you joy, you will soon move beyond simple desires like “I want to play this or that song” and focus Having a Goal in Life and Why Music is a Harmonious Objective - Having a goal in life is essential for many reasons. It provides a sense of direction, drives motivation, enhances focus, and contributes to personal satisfaction. An aim or target in life helps one to streamline their energy, thoughts, and efforts towards achieving something specific. Without an objective, life can feel aimless and unsatisfying, and individuals… on more challenging and technical aspects.

However, it’s important to note that you can still live without practicing your instrument daily. But be cautious, I’m not suggesting you slack off; quite the opposite. What I mean is that you cannot fake your love for the instrument you wish to play, and anything done without belief and enthusiasm is futile. This straightforwardness is one of the challenges associated with musical practice. Regular practice is your most reliable tool to genuinely measure your love, just like the stick in the story An Artist Portrait (Part Two) - This is the Part Two (and final part) of the true life story as artist written by Frank V. Cahoj for our Weblog. (Part One) An Artist Portrait (Part Two) I give an unbelievable amount of credence to these two early periods in my life: one of everlasting creation, one of analysis and disillusionment. The… , rather than a mere gauge of skill.

Your daily routine may involve various forms of practice, including individual study. It’s also beneficial to learn from peers who are more advanced than you, if your instructor is not within your reach. Seize opportunities to play in one or more bands and embrace public performances when they arise; these are invaluable experiences that contribute to your musical growth. Your understanding of music and your ability to hear it will evolve significantly during this time. Additionally, your music companions and the instruments you play may undergo transformations. And perhaps your silent haven is the beloved old store where you acquired your trusted PRS guitar, amplifiers, and guitar effects pedals.

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