English: A pair of Sony MDR-CD580 headphones, ...

English: A pair of Sony MDR-CD580 headphones, shown here with the removable headphone cord removed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prior to the advent of amplifiers, headphones were the only way to listen to electrical audio signals. How Headphones changed the world? In 1895, the electrophone was invented. The electrophone aired the music of the local opera house, rested on the ear, and weighed more than ten pounds. The first set of modern headphones were created in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin. Baldwin created a set in his kitchen and began selling them to the United State Navy. Baldin was formerly an electrician and air compressor operator. Baldwin began experimenting with sound amplification through compressed air, which eventually turned into the first headphones.

Brandes headphones were manufactured in the ‘20s for radio work. In the beginning, headphones were highly uncomfortable, often made from moving iron drivers and producing a clamping effect upon the head. Early radio headphones also had  dangerously high voltages.

In 1958, John C. Koss, a jazz musician, developed the first stereo headphones. Prior to Koss, headphones were mainly only used by telephone operators, and for Military and radio use.

Now, more than 300 million own iPods and tiny earbuds.

Koss and Baldwin helped to change the world with the invention of headphones. So how Headphones changed the world? Here are seven ways headphones have changed the world.

1.  Portability

In 1979, Sony introduced the Walkmen and music was portable. Included with the Walkemen ere Sony’s MDL-3L2 headphones. The portable headphones forever changed the morning jog, long bus rides and flights. The ear clip headphone helps people on the go, be on the go.

2. Privacy

Headphones allow complete isolation for the user. Whether it’s in the office or at home, headphones help blank out the humdrum of work and the humming noises at home.

3. Music Recording

Headphones help to isolate sound, therefore, they are a wonder in the recording studio. In modern times, it would be nearly impossible to record a full band album without headphones.

4.  Better Listening

Recently headphones for the TV have been sold in the modern market. The TV earphones are marketed towards the elderly and provide a better listening experience.

5. Video Games

Headphones provide higher quality listening for gamers indulging in videos games which use audio processing algorithms. Gamers can get a better feel for off-screen noises and footsteps of opponents.

6. Meditation

It is important to utilize headphones when participating in the use of binaural beats during meditation. Binaural beat therapy changes brainwaves frequency helping the body and mind to relax, become more creative and other mental states.

7. Posture

Headphones allow telephone operators and cell phone users to have better posture and hold their heads up straight rather than cradling their heads to one side, increasing spinal alignment.

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