English: Janet checking her mike...2006 press ...

English: Janet checking her mike…2006 press conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you weren’t around in the 1980s, you might wonder what women helped shape the pop music charts of that decade. And even if you were around during that time, we bet you wouldn’t mind taking a stroll back through time to highlight some of the female singers who were pop sensations. Keep reading to learn about some of the top ladies who helped set the stage for Britney Spears and other acts in the 1990s and beyond.

Top Female Pop Sensations of the 80s

Here’s a look at several specific female performers who really made an impact in the 1980s and beyond. A lot of these women are still making music today, but here’s a look at the female pop music charts of the 80s.

  • Madonna – Who can forget the Material Girl? Like a Virgin was one of her hits, but she had so many it’s hard to keep track of them all the time. We dare you to try to name your favorite Madonna song of the 1980s!

  • Janet Jackson – Another strong female performer who really made it big in the 80s was Janet Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson, the king of pop. Janet had her own moves, and really shook up the pop music scene in a good way with her hits.

  • Sinead O’Connor – Yes, another female singer who shaved her head. Remind you of anyone recently? Anyway, there’s no denying that Sinead O’Connor deserves a place on our list of the top female singers of the 80s.

  • Paula Abdul – When it came to dancing on stage and in music videos (which were new at the time), there was no one like Paula Abdul. She really knew a lot about choreography and was able to dance her way to the top.

  • Tina Turner – Private Dancer. Need we say more? Tina Turner was a bit older in the 1980s, but she still knew how to bring it. She had a few hits in the 1980s that really shook up the pop music charts in a good way. Private Dancer came out in 1984, and after that she had several hits. Can you name them all?

When you look at the list of names above, it’s easy to see why so many men and women think the 1980s were special – especially musically. These powerful female performers were able to make their mark on the music world and change the scene for years to come. Think we missed someone? Leave their name or the name of the group below so we can make sure we have all the top women singers of the 1980s. Thanks!

Written by: Sara Stark heard someone say “watch it here,” and she was blown away by the music video she saw online. She’s been making music since she was six years old. She started with the piano, but she’s also learned to play the trumpet, flute and guitar.