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Manuel Marino Music Composer

When it comes to the customer’s audio and video experience, there have been various technological advancements that have enhanced our enjoyment. These developments have provided us with richer and more immersive experiences, whether it’s watching TV Cereal, a blend of old and new - Today we interview Jaques Smit, an incredible man. Just read all his current positions: Managing Director at MindNova Advertising Pty (Ltd), Marketing Director at Inland Kitesurfing Pty (Ltd), CEO at Avonstorm Entertainment, Producer at Avonstorm Pictures Pty (Ltd), Technical Director at Blo-Tant Pty (Ltd). Here is the interview and I initially ask about Cereal, his… and movies or listening to music. Just a few years ago, black-and-white TVs were highly appreciated, but now we have plasma TVs and LCD technologies.

Today, we can enjoy video content with higher quality than ever before. We can listen to music and other audio files with precision, from the old long-playing albums (LPs) to CDs and DVDs.

In the 1970s, optical discs took the form of large, round objects used for playing music. Then came CDs in the 1980s The Synthpop Era - I'm not one to dwell on the past, but I must admit that music from the synthpop era of the 1980s and surrounding years holds a special place in my heart. Perhaps I'm biased, but I can't help but feel that modern music has lost a lot of its originality and creativity. Gone are the… , capable of holding much more information and becoming the preferred medium for storing music files. DVDs, or digital video discs, emerged a decade later, similar to CDs but with the ability to store even more data. And now we have Blu-ray discs, which undoubtedly offer the highest quality sound and video output and have the largest storage capacity among all other disc formats. A standard Blu-ray disc can hold approximately 27 gigabytes of data, which is at least forty times more than what a CD can hold.

One advantage of Blu-ray disc players is their ease of use. Some people may experience issues with a Blu-ray disc drive skipping or being unable to read data on the disc. However, simply cleaning the lens using a Blu-ray disc cleaner can often solve this problem.

Furthermore, Blu-ray disc players have the ability to read older disc formats, so you can still play your CDs and DVDs and enjoy high-quality audio and video. This is made possible because Blu-ray players use blue lasers, which have a shorter wavelength and can read data more closely, resulting in high-quality images and sounds.

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