Review of the Sony HDR-TD10 3D HandyCam

Review of the Sony HDR-TD10 3D HandyCam

Sony HDR-SR12
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If you look around the Internet, you’ll see TONS of Sony HDR-TD10 ratings. Do you recognize what 95% of them are? Relentless promotion of the product they’ve not even utilized, all in the name of generating a fast dollar. What form of reviewing is the fact that? My objective for this post is to provide you my honest HDR-TD10 Analysis, without the buzz. Similarly, my objective for this website is to supply reports by others who have or have selected the product thus to receive an exact idea of whether this video camera is right for you.

I like to go further than that though. I plan on showing you where to purchase the Sony HDR-TD10 (close to the end of the article) if you need to receive the number one deal. And you know what? It’s possibly not from where you’d anticipate. Many websites may send you off to purchase it found on the Best Buy webpage, or at Nextag. But the truth is, you’ll be overpaying. I’m going to explain to you where you are able to purchase it for less. And right of all, it’s possibly someplace that you’ve bought from before. A website that you’re both familiar with and comfortable with purchasing from – not some spammy lookin sales page with yellow highlighter and fake crossed out costs.

My Complete Sony HDR-TD10 Review

Since I reside in Las Vegas and attended the 2011 CES trade show, I was fortunate enough to receive my hands found on the Sony HDR-TD10 3D/HD Handycam before it was even introduced. I’ve been utilizing it for awhile today, and although my general impression is positive, I do have a some complaints. But since this really is these a complex device, let’s break this review up into a some different sections.

1)Physical Features

If you compare this handycam to 1 of those aged movie cameras within the 90s, it’s tiny and compact. On the additional hand, when you compare it to another Sony HD camera like the HDR-CX700V, it’s absolutely massive. But then, those different cameras don’t have full 3D like the TD10. Why for the added size is that the TD10 has side-by-side lenses in the front (see the pic over to the right) that are needed for capturing a 3D image.

Aside from that, this camcorder is fashionable and fairly sleek. It’s got a padded hand strap along with a textured surface that’s good for extended utilize. I held onto this camera through my daughter’s whole excellent school basketball game (which went into overtime) and it not hurt my hand.

It’s got a lot of ports found on the back, and also the power compartment. You’ll moreover discover the switch to jump between 2D and 3D recording found on the back.

It’s got an 8.8 cm LCD screen, that is very standard for handycams in this budget.

2)Manual Controls

If you’re a handycam beginner, you may not employ these much. But if you’re an AV geek like me, you’ll like to receive down and dirty with them. The upside is the fact that the Sony HDR-TD10 has a lot of choices for manual control. The drawback is the fact that almost all of them are unavailable in 3D mode. (What do you anticipate from a product that is the initial of it’s type though?)

Auto Mode – No complaints. Worked about the same as additional Sony cameras within the last several years. The Intelligent Car controls, which automatically choose a scene mode for the consumer, are even practical during 3D shooting.

Low Light Mode – Lowers the shutter speed to 1/30 of the next, and functions effectively because lengthy because there is some light to function with. It’s not evening vision, though, thus don’t try to film where it’s pitch black.

Zoom – Best done utilizing the top-mounted zoom toggle. Other techniques were touchy. Up to 10x zoom in 3D mode, and 12x in 2D. Additionally has a choice for extended zoom at 17x. Seemed extremely steady, even at significant zooms. Getting the zoom where you need it takes a small practice.

Focus – Sony has a amazing autofocus monitoring feature where you tap on a topic in the pic, as well as the camera then automatically keeps them (or it) in focus regardless of where they move. For most persons, this is because advanced because you ought to receive. However, this feature is not obtainable in 3D mode. To fine-tune 3D concentrating, you are able to employ the touchscreen or the control-dial found on the front. The touchscreen appeared simpler to utilize, although you are able to more conveniently “fine-tune” with all the dial found on the front.

Other advanced qualities include Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, and advanced Color settings. All of these function in 3D mode, with all the exception of Aperture and Shutter Speed.

3)3D Features

Let’s be honest here. The 3D qualities are the entire cause that you’re interested in this camcorder. And who can blame you! After all, the Sony HDR-TD10 is the initial customer level camera with a integrated 3D/HD lens.

Pros: The 3D feature is easy. No lens calibration. No swapping out lenses. You flip a switch, and you’re in 3D mode. No need for unique glasses to observe the movie in 3D, although it looks incredible should you DO observe it with glasses on a 3D enabled HDTV.

Cons: Less control and convenience in being capable to fine-tune settings for advanced consumers.


If you’re in the marketplace for a 3D/HD camera that doesn’t need an technology degree to work, this really is the 1. As far as contemporary handycams go, the Sony HDR-TD10 is a bit bulky. Should you don’t program on utilizing the 3D attributes, then you would consider opting for a synonymous camera that isn’t as big. On the alternative hand, it’s not like the thing weighs 20 pounds. The full fat is just 3 pounds, and it measures out at 6 x four.1 x 9 inches. The 3D pic is incredible. It’s potential that you’ll not return to recording in 2D.

Using the HTC Incredible 2 for Business

Using the HTC Incredible 2 for Business

HTC Aria review
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These days, smart phones are like netbooks and laptops and pills because they let you to receive more completed while found on the go than ever before. While permitting you to have more fun, they may moreover be utilized to improve your efficiency in a range of companies. This post might speak about a few of the different company highlights of the HTC Incredible 2.

The initially technique you are able to utilize a smart telephone to aid you run a business is by utilizing it to remain up-to-date with emails. If you have a business, it is very important to be capable to remain in contact with persons, whether you may be dealing with alternative employees, customers, or services and distributors of resources. Smart phones create it easy to remain associated through emails or texts. This really is accomplished through a quantity of apps that deal with e-mail and provide access to the web.

A 2nd method to use mobile equipment when running a business is by utilizing it as an organizer to track your company occasions. Staying organized is made super effortless with applications that comprise of calendars, to-do lists, or organizers. A calendar can be extremely beneficial because it enables you to program meetings or different points you ought to receive completed and you are able to set your dates.

Yet another method to make any mobile phone function for you when running a business is by utilizing it as a bar code scanner. Bar code scanners are good for assisting you track the different details you have bought or are interested in buying, plus they result in the procedure of looking for items much simpler as a business owner.

Finally, a credit card reader is regarded as the latest qualities that create smart phones surprisingly necessary for company. Credit card visitors are quite simple to utilize as well as could bring about additional money to your company. So you see there are numerous different kinds of mobile applications that will create ant smart telephone fairly beneficial for company.

Along the technique, it happens to be not a bad idea to pay a visit to a few of the diverse accessories available, including a case along with a screen protector. These are easy and powerful methods to create your smart telephone more worthwhile, whether you’re found on the job or taking a break within the administration of the business.

Top Traveling Features of the LG Revolution

Top Traveling Features of the LG Revolution

SD cards
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The main benefit a smart telephone could provide you while you travel is its ability to be utilized as a handheld GPS. GPS equipment have completely changed maps and are popular among many Americans. When smart phones came along, folks shortly noticed that they can employ those to discover destinations without to whip out the normal GPS, and there are a amount of individuals who don’t employ their smart phones for anything else beyond as handheld GPS units.

One quite significant navigational apps you will want is Google Maps Navigation. The app is conveniently the best application accessible for way finding, and this really is mostly in piece due to the standard of services provided by the application as well as its distinct legacy of providing good navigation through the internet counterpart, Google Maps. If you use Google Maps Navigation in a smart telephone, you’ll have access to a quantity of attributes that you really are not capable to get from alternative apps, like satellite views and street views.

With that application you’ll have access to numerous points of interest and you might moreover check traffic upgrades viewable on your chart. Having a street view of the destination lets you be completely certain you are at the proper spot. You will always receive an up-to-date chart that is usually well detailed.

Co Pilot is another application that can be extremely beneficial should you plan on doing a great deal of traveling away from your typical routes. The software functions through maps to download to your telephone through SD memory cards. With a big enough memory card to download all North America on with it. These are only a some qualities that will allow you to while you drive but never limit yourself to merely this.

Along the means, it is actually not a bad idea to look into a few of the accessories that are absolutely available, like a screen protector or perhaps a case. A screen protector along with a case can enable keep your telephone well protected during daily use.

3CCD Mini DV – Portable Movie Magic

3CCD Mini DV – Portable Movie Magic

Evolution of the Camcorder
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There has by no signifies been a greater time to be an recreational filmmaker. Advancements in movie recording development have prepared it potential for average folks to have access to the type of equipment that used to be just in the hands of Hollywood experts. If you’re interested in taking your movie recording to the upcoming level and you can be interested in buying a 3CCD Mini DV. Choosing the appropriate camera may be somewhat bit tough, however, because many producers insist that their camera is a lot much better than all of the rest for 1 cause or another.

As a method to select which 3CCD Mini DV is correct for you, you will want to need to consider many qualities and compare them side-by-side amongst the different models available. If you’re interested in shooting a great deal of movie featuring wildlife and birds then you might should consider buying a camera with a quality optical zoom. Virtually each camera on the market features a digital zoom but many experts agree that optical zoom is preferred. Another thing to consider if outside shooting is your passion is whether or not the camera features any shock, dust, or water resistance.

If your principal focus will be shooting videos of the family then a 3CCD Mini DV that features good quality sound recording is absolutely a must. Reliving the memories grabbed on your camcorder is a lot more pleasant if the recording qualities exceptional sound equally as movie. Simply like movie recording, sound recording has come a long technique over the last couple of years and producing certain the camera you obtain is capable of selecting up each word could result in the distinction between an great movie and 1 that is simply ok.

The camera’s capability to change to lowlight settings is additionally an important feature. Some cameras are thus adept at shooting low light and evening it certainly is tough to consider that the movie wasn’t shot during the wide daylight. There’s equally the shape element to consider when searching for a 3CCD Mini DV.

Most modern camcorders are small enough to match in the palm of the person’s hand, but how the camera is made might play a big component in how comfortable it’s to employ for extended periods of time. Another often overlooked feature of modern camcorders is the view screen. A camera that has a view screen that is adjustable from different angles may probably be more comfortable to use.

The Sony Tablet Computer

The Sony Tablet Computer

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Sony have recently revealed the first details of their upcoming S1 tablet computer, a large screen device aimed at the high end of the market for media, web browsing and gaming, which puts it in competition with Apple’s iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung. The final release name of the tablet hasn’t been revealed yet; the S1 is a placeholder until then with release expected later in the year, autumn at the earliest and more likely toward the end of the year.

Though few details have so far been released about the hardware of the Sony S1 tablet computer it is known it will have a 9.4 inch display, putting it at the top end of tablets and placing it directly in competition with Apple’s iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both competitor devices have slightly larger screens at 9.7 and 10.1 inches respectively demonstrating that manufacturers are still experimenting with the optimal size for a large tablet screen. Internally it’s thought the S1 tablet computer will be running on a dual core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor from nVidia. At the moment this would be a competitive processor but with the late release date it is likely to be dated as the following generation of tablets sporting up to four cores running at speeds of around 2.5 GHz is likely to have been released by then.

The ergonomics of the design are very unusual and stand out against the competition. Rather than the flat profile and even weight distribution of competing tablets such as the iPad 2 the S1 tablet computer has a thicker, rounded body at the top which tapers to an extremely thin base. This is intended to give a good feeling when held in the hand and improve grip.

Other hardware such as the onboard memory has yet to be confirmed with it likely to have either 512 megabytes or 1 gigabyte of memory. It will have full wireless connectivity with both Wireless-N and 3G support and possibly one or a number of the competing 4G technologies, making it either comparable or slightly superior to the iPad 2. An unusual feature of the tablet is an infrared signalling ability allowing it to control household devices that have infrared reception though support will initially only exist for Sony Bravia products.

The killer feature of the Sony S1 tablet computer is its access to the Playstation library of games. Much like the recently released Xperia Play the S1 will have access to the growing library of Playstation games that are being ported to run on the ARM processor architecture that powers the S1 tablet. This is one area where the S1 will be far and away ahead of the iPad 2 which, while it has a wide selection of games available on the Apple App store few of them compare graphically or for fun value with the large number of games the S1 will have. It will be interesting to see how the tablet is used to create a gaming interface, the Xperia combined a touch screen with physical controls such as a directional pad and buttons to make it a high quality gaming machine, the S1 will not have any physical interface beyond the touch screen.

The S1 will probably come with a version of Android Honeycomb which it is said Sony are heavily modifying and integrating with their own media and entertainment services. It is possible that the S1 will be running a version of the coming release of Android, Ice-cream Sandwich which will combine the phone and tablet versions of the operating system into a single version. Honeycomb still has some catching up to do to compete with the user experience and quality of the iPad 2’s iOS though it will have the advantage of full Flash support which Apple are still refusing to add to their operating system.

Android for tablets has only been around for a few months now and this youthfulness is very apparent in the app market where the Sony S1 tablet will lag far behind the iPad 2 with a few thousand tablet specific applications available compared with tens of thousands for the iPad 2. This has been improving rapidly and there are also many apps that are not tablet specific but can take advantage of the superior screens and interface options of tablets compared to normal smart phones. By the time the S1 is released the tablet apps picture is likely to have greatly improved as the sales of Android tablets have been strong so far and will be attracting the interest of app makers.

The S1 seems like it will reach the market too late for the specifications it will offer as it will be an iPad 2 generation device around six months after the release of the iPad 2. It is hard to see Sony being able to compete effectively with the iPad 2 price so the Playstation library seems to be its only real standout feature. This mirrors Samsung’s first generation tablet computer that came too late and needed to be replaced very quickly with a new generation; alas Sony have been too slow to react to the tablet market.

For more details on the Sony tablet or other tablet PCs visit