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Wireless headphones
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Wireless headphones… Just recently, I was on an airplane, watching the in-flight movie and listening to the audio through my headphones. The person in the seat next to me needed to use the restroom, so I stood up to let them pass. Unfortunately, the cable got caught on the armrest and ripped the earbud out of my ear. It was painful, and when I sat back down and inspected my earbud, I noticed that one of the wires had come loose.

These portable audio devices have come a long way! I remember back in the 60s when they had a built-in radio (with a huge antenna) and required two batteries. As you can imagine, those early advancements in modern technology looked more like something from a cheesy science fiction movie!

Nowadays, wireless headphones are barely noticeable. Whether someone uses the earbud or canalbud style, you can’t even tell that they’re listening to their favorite news station (unless their dancing Trance Music - Free Flowing Electronica - Have you ever found yourself dancing in a club, utterly absorbed in the melody, feeling as if the trance music is flowing through you and guiding your body's movements? This is an experience I've had numerous times during carefree nights at local techno clubs I've often wondered which type of techno generates this unforgettable sensation… around like maniacs gives it away).

Different manufacturers have different quality standards…

…opt for reputable brands.

This isn’t the first time that cords have become tangled and rendered useless while I’ve been traveling. That’s why wireless ones are so convenient. Many companies are producing “the latest in technology” for various reasons. Take a look at some of the top names in the industry, such as Sennheiser, Shure, and Koss, to find high-quality headphones in action.

They are also great in the car. If you’re driving on the highway and receive a call on your mobile phone, having a hands-free option to keep both hands on the steering wheel is a smart idea. These are gaining popularity, and you often see people walking around with small metallic devices on their ears.

They hook over the ear, and a small microphone extends to their cheek, picking up their conversation. They are also useful in an office setting where a receptionist may need to move around (perhaps delivering mail) while still being able to answer the phone.

While many advancements are being made in the headphone industry, they may not yet be fully suitable for the audiophile. For the geek who enjoys listening to music and seeks exceptional sound quality, circumaural headphones are an excellent choice. This may change in the near future, but it hasn’t reached that level for true music enthusiasts just yet.

For the rest of us, wireless headphones are simply the perfect combination of comfort and quality to enjoy the sounds we want to hear. One more thing: It’s important to remember to keep the volume down a bit on your wireless headphones and preserve your hearing!

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