Bose 301 Speakers: A Review of the Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

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If you’re an audiophile, then you need to know about Bose 301 speakers someplace. You may know some persons chatting about it in a house appliance center, you have overheard your neighbors speaking about it, or you have even read it in a forum someplace online. If you wish To know what these speakers certainly are, this review may assist you. The Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers are a sweet set of speakers that you ought to recognize about.

General Description

This set of speakers is composed of 2 primary speakers and rubber feet in the package. That’s all you receive – no more, no less. This signifies you need to purchase your speaker cable to connect the set to your component program or house theatre set. This is hassling if you’ve absolutely gone through a great deal of trouble getting these aspects in shops, but in the event you learn what you require, you are able to really purchase it all at when. However, it’s a truth that these speakers are pricey, and getting a separate set of wiring might really add to the cost. Should you don’t have the signifies to buy all these, then this model may not be advantageous for you.

But for the cost, this might be certainly value every cent. These Bose 301 speakers create hearing to music a fabulous experience, and you absolutely might love to have these in your living space, bedroom, or entertainment space. The speakers are especially compact about their great sound standard, but this might be what Bose boasts about in their fresh speaker models. The speakers have the dimensions of 9.75″ x 14.25″ x 9.75″ and weigh 12.5 pounds each. They could not be that light, even so they are absolutely tiny enough to keep in a shelf or on a rack together with your different audiovisual equipment.

These speakers don’t just feature compactness and good sound, and visual appeal. You are able to choose from 2 different hues for this set – light cherry and black. Light cherry is primarily wooden in appearance, but the black ones are ideal for lengthy existence and total superior looks. You are able to absolutely blend in these speakers with any additional audiovisual equipment you have in your shelves or racks, as well as equally look advantageous in many house dcor. You don’t even need to worry about staining them due to their dark color that remains lookin superior even after years of continual misuse.


Bose has completely produced these speakers their property because they have prepared them with all trademark technologies that just the business develops. Included in these are qualities like the Direct/Reflecting speaker development that is crafted to blend reflected and direct sound to make the impact of all-natural spaciousness. There are equally the Stereo Targeting tweeters which use exactly angled 2″ proprietary motorists that deliver balanced stereo sound, to experience a best lifelike hearing experience even in a big location. The Stereo Everywhere speaker performance is made to make balanced stereo sound even in a big region. The objective of these attributes is to create hearing to music more pleasing by permitting the sound to be equally distributed in a big region, a feat that other average speakers cannot work. Each speaker equally houses 1 rear-firing tweeter of 2″ diameter that is included to propel sound within the back as well as the side of the speaker. The Spatial Dispersion speaker lens, that is another trademark of Bose, creates a smoother significant frequency spatial resonance and offers a wider distribution of sound. The long-excursion woofer of 8″ diameter found in each speaker provides clean, effective low frequencies and balanced sound throughout any enclosed location.

Other Features

Not just is the device loaded with Bose trademark attributes for sound standard, and for total optimum performance. The flared slot port shape is precisely designed to minimize air turbulence that makes sound smoother and crisper in output. The woofer and port construction are especially crafted to complement each additional for you to be capable to enjoy cleaner and deeper performance even in the lower frequencies, particularly at significant volumes. The set is moreover house theatre expansion-capable and you are able to hook it up with alternative Bose house theatre equipment, or different brands of stereo systems. The speakers have automatic security circuitry which prevents motorists from being overdriven by different audiovisual equipment and delivers improved security while reducing interference from alternative appliances.

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