2011 Music Demos

This is a new love track demo, with a very sweet chorus that will make you dream. The demo has been created to explain how to mix vocals with other instruments, there are many effects used (the typical state of the art effects used in the industry). The song itself […]

The Way of Love

This is a wondeful soft piece, an inspiring melodic trance track I wrote before, but completed it only now, after a lot of time, I can say. Anyway, it’s ready for you and your soul, if you have the time to listen to it 🙂 When I composed it, I […]

The Stars

Winter is leaving us, spring is coming, but this track is dedicated to snow, freeze, snowboarding, skiing and mountains. All you have to do is listening and have in your mind stunts and jumps across the mountains, the snow, the rivers and beautiful forests. I was born in a beautiful […]

Through the Mountains