African Art

by Djuliet For years and years now, African art and African artwork happen maintained and honored for its unique depictions of the nature. Most of these depend on personal expressions and emotions. However, perhaps not everything you see in African crafts is a depiction of truth. The majority of it […]

African Art is a Rhythmic mixture of the Real plus ...

by valza46 African tribal drums are the most perfect item to have not merely for playing, and as design. In Africa the drum plays a big piece in the culture, and ceremonies that the villages frequently work. There are numerous different types of African drums, as well as all have […]

African Tribal Drums

by localjapantimes Dancing in itself is a shape of art, so the show of African Dancers on canvas is an elegant representation of the gorgeous art. The reassurance that comes in viewing the elegance and presence conducted by dancers is grabbed in this part. This painting shows 4 girls as […]

African Dancers