by Nokén A cultural training programme assists to identify the key dimensions of culture including the concept of self, designs of correspondence, attitudes and more in exploring the cultural implications of working in a particular nation. It builds awareness of diverse culture and is necessary for firms exposed to cross-cultural […]

Working Effectively Across Borders and Cultures

by jontintinjordan France has played a big part in art, cinema, architecture, sculpture, and fashion because the seventeenth century. The culture tours in France would take you to certainly the different museums, galleries, and has you utilizing the opportunity to observe some theatre performances and play in the different cultural […]

Culture Tours in France

by wolfgangfoto The history of Oceania pertains to the general history of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Fiji among alternative Pacific island nations. Among the Oceania cultures, I would like to remain in the Tonga culture. The kingdom of Tonga is located at the west of the International […]

The Oceania Culture

by tfangel Do you have music playing while reading this? How is your choice of music affecting how you feel now? Are you feeling relaxed and wish To read anything light? Are you moved to dance to the music? Do you read/work quicker when you hear to music with a […]

Culture As a Soundtrack

by tfangel The Culture The Culture in South Africa is am main tourist attraction. “The Rainbow Nation” is completely a worthy name of the nation with such a wealthy, diverse and colourful culture. The unique thing about the culture in South Africa is the fact that numerous different cultures from […]

Culture in South Africa