Indigenous US flutes are definitely probably the most magical of devices. Music played on a Native six gap flute has actually a means of fascinating folks. They are able to calm your nature. If you’re acquainted flute songs you must be thankful too. If you should be a new comer […]

Browse Top 9 Native American Flute Tips

by richard ling Although there are a range of theories as to the origin of musical instruments, 2 of the earliest recognized musical instruments were the Lyre and the “Pipe”. The Lyre was a stringed instrument with usually ten strings and connected to the Harp with twelve strings, except the […]

The Origin of Musical Instruments

by avlxyz Kokopelli is a fertility deity, who is worshipped by several Native American Indian tribes in the Southwest. And like many fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture. He is furthermore considered a trickster god, traveling trader, insect, musician, warrior and looking magician. Kokopelli likeness varies virtually […]

Kokopelli: a Humpbacked Flute Player